Homemade Baby Formula

Breast is best, but what do you do when that’s not possible? Even the organic baby formulas are highly processed and highly sweetened – not a desirable option, and the conventional standard Similac, which is 40% corn syrup and 10% sucrose, is even worse.

Here are some guidelines for making your own baby formula – whether you’re supplementing your own milk, or strictly bottle feeding, homemade formula is the best you can get.

This recipe does *not* include exact measurements, as I generally tweak it for each family that I work with, but it should provide a general guideline to get you started. Feel free to contact us for direct advice. There’s also more information out there – google “homemade baby formula”.

Here are the ingredients I use:

  • Native Forest brand (BPA-free cans) or SO Delicious brand (cartons in the milk cooler) coconut milk. – If guar gum does not sit well with baby, then make coconut milk from dried coconut according to this recipe. I use coconut milk because so many people are allergic to cow milk.
  • egg yolks – NOT the whites, which are more likely to be allergenic – just the yolks.
  • high quality cod liver oil
  • high quality probiotics
  • some fine-ground seaweed – Best to grind it yourself in a coffee grinder. My favorite seaweed comes from Larch Hanson
  • nettle tea or another high mineral tea
  • unrefined coconut oil, or good quality ghee – Purity Farms brand ghee is grassfed, and casein and lactose free.
  • a small amount of grade B dark maple syrup
  • a capsule of Dr. Ron’s additive free multi-vitaminEmpty it out of the capsule. An older child may use more, a baby may use less.

I much prefer food sources of nutrients than supplements, which is why I include seaweed, cod liver oil, and nettle (or other high-mineral) tea. Dr. Ron’s supplements are very high quality, and food-based, without all the additives found in other supplements, so if you prefer to know for sure what the ratios of your vitamins and minerals are, go with that option.

Blend ingredients in a blender (or with a whisk, or shake it in a mason jar). Adjust to baby’s taste, and make the formula fresh every day.

5 comments to Homemade Baby Formula

  • Rachael

    Hello. I had o stop breast feeding early, due to physical issues and lack of knowledge. Since then my daughter has had good days, and very bad days of eating. I”m so lost. She’s allergic to cows milk, and for awhile Goat milk seemed fine. She has weak kidneys, and solids never go down easy. This could be her being awkward about them, I don’t know. I use the WAPF homemade formula. I was asked to try Coconut milk for her, and I’d like to use my ingredients, but I have no idea what the measurements would be if replacing the Goats milk with Coconut milk. Can you help?

  • Hi, Rachel!

    I have never used goat’s milk, but I would just fiddle with it. Use the same amount of coconut milk as you did goat, and see how she responds. I would also add nettle tea into her formula, and maybe dandelion leaf, to give her kidneys more support – in fact, red clover would be nice too! If you do that, you’d reduce the amount of coconut milk, to keep the overall amount of liquid about the same. And if she’ll drink it with pureed liver in it, bonus! In her case, perhaps with pureed kidney…

    Good luck!

  • Najwa

    We don’t have very many local resources. I’ve tried many different types of goats milk formula, but oddly enough she does better with and prefers cows milk. Do you have a non oil based formula. She has terrible reflux and allergies to coconut, rice, oatmeal, gluten, and the oils dont sit well with her at all.

  • Shannon

    I’m feeling overwhelmed in searching websites on where to buy contents for making baby formula ad I’d like to start this process sooner rather than later since we too had to stop breastfeeding due to physical issues with myself from the c-section and supplementing with this organic soy formula is just not working and I want what’s best for my son! (He’s 7 mos and we JUST switched to adding formula into his diet) Thanks, Shannon

  • Nicole Luikaart

    Hi I have a 10 month old that was on raw goat milk since 9 months when I stopped breastfeeding to further my own health. I have been implementing Body Ecology for systemic yeast and leaky gut/parasite issues. I started him on liver based formula from nourishing traditions but he seems to be having digest issues as he’s gagged often– and it seems too be to thick…. Maybe cause of gut issues?? He likes coconut milk and we have been giving on side from recommendation of our Naturopath. My question is could I try the milk formula with coco milk..will there be enough nutrition? If I add liver will it taste funny? Additionally haven’t added the lactose to meat formula cause don’t know if lactose is part of allergy or milk protein..plus candida issues so limit sugar. Any recommendations?

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