Day: February 10, 2012

Natural Therapies for Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is ever more prevalent these days, and in many cases, insurance companies don’t cover treatment, even if there is treatment available. Some doctors and insurers don’t acknowledge Lyme as a chronic condition. Even the ones who do are often left at loose ends when the disease doesn’t respond to the drugs available. But…

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Insulin Resistance: Under Control, Naturally!

Metabolic Syndrome, Syndrome X, Pre-Diabetes: Insulin Resistance, whatever it’s called, is endemic in our society today. And it’s not just the beginning of diabetes, it’s at the root of many of the health problems plaguing the modern world, including cardiovascular disease, obesity – it even plays a role in cancer! If you are at risk…

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Successful Self-Experimentation, part 5: Putting it in Practice

In short: first perceive, then reflect, then connect. In slightly-less-short: first, practice perceptive skills of intuition, interoception, and mindfulness; then, keep a record that accurately reflects your food, feelings, exercise, and experiences; then, identify health patterns at your baseline and after making changes, to see whether and where those changes are having effect.

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herbal medicine for beginners - book cover

Our Book is Now Available on

Our first book is here!

This is the perfect introduction to a powerful yet manageable apothecary of 35 herbs and teach you how to apply them to common ailments.

We keep it simple and practical, and along the way teach you how to think effectively about herbs & herbalism, laying the foundations for deeper study.

The book is available through


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