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First the word, then the herb, last the knife.

- Asclepius
history, holism, vitalism, energetics


A world history of herbology and medical herbalism: oppressed arts, Roger Wicke
History of the Energetics of Western Herbs, Jeremy Ross
A History of Southern and Appalachian Folk Medicine, Phyllis Light
Witches, Midwives, and Nurses, Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English
History of "Domestic Medicine" and Modern Relevance, Stephany Hoffelt
Domestic Medicine, Stephany Hoffelt
A Short "Course" in Thomsonian Medicine, Steven Horne
The early botanical medical movement as a reflection of life, liberty, and literacy in Jacksonian America, Michael Flannery (JMLA)
A Depression-Era Medicinal Plant Map of the United States, Rebecca Onion
Traditions in Western Herbal Medicine, Peter Mackenzie-Cook
Weaving Our Way Fourward, Ryn Midura
On Western Herbalism, Rebecca Altman
Herbalism and the Law: the Practice of Medicine in Massachusetts, Ryn Midura

holism & vitalism

Vital[ist] Lifestyle Interventions, Ryn Midura

Herbal Medicine on Its Own Terms, Erin Langley
Why Herbalism Matters, Gabby Allen
Don't Be An Herbal Enabler!, Traci Picard

An Herbology of Relationship, Guido Masé
A Tonic Approach, Kiva Rose
The Intelligent Plant, Michael Pollan
Intention, Jim McDonald
Rethinking the Placebo Effect: How Our Minds Actually Affect Our Bodies, Maria Popova
What If The Placebo Effect Isn't A Trick?, Gary Greenberg

'Cure' vs. Health, Katja Swift
No Cure for Cancer: Healing This Client, Ryn Midura
Relevance,Discomfort And What Are We Actually Doing Here?, Traci Picard
Standing In The Road Alone, Traci Picard

Understanding Pain, Hunter Integrated Pain Service (Newcastle, NSW, Australia) [video]
What is Pain?, Lorimer Moseley

Herbalism as a Tool for Social Justice, Janet Kent & Jen Stovall
Community-Based Herbalism and Relational Approaches to Harm Reduction in Healthcare, Marja Eloheimo
Healing Justice


Energetics 101, Cat Lane

The Six Tissue States, Matt Wood
Reading the Terrain: Understanding Tissue States, Kiva Rose
The Three Basic Principles of Traditional Western Herbalism, Matt Wood
Energetics and Pharmacology, Matt Wood
Western Energetics, Betzy Bancroft

Which Humour Are You?, Christopher Hedley
Heating and Cooling, Christopher Hedley
Diagnostic Differentials of Hot and Cold, Sajah Popham
Galenic Humours in Clinical Practice, Christopher Hedley
Galen of Pergamon, Peter Holmes - an excellent article on the importance of this historical figure for contemporary herbalists in particular, along with a good introduction to Traditional Greek Medicine and its historical context.
On temperaments. Part 1., Rebecca Altman
On Earth: the melancholic temperament, Rebecca Altman
On Air: meet the sanguine, Rebecca Altman
On fire: the choleric temperament., Rebecca Altman
On water: the phlegmatic temperament, Rebecca Altman

Constitutional Types, James Green
Constitution Confusion, Sajah Popham - on "core" vs "assumed" constitution.


Herbal Properties and Actions, Jim McDonald

Terms of the Trade: Exploring Herbal Actions & Traditional Terminology, Kiva Rose
Herbal Terminology Demystified, Renee Davis

Blessed Bitters, Jim McDonald
Understanding Herbal Actions Part One - Astringents, Cat Lane
Demulcents: The Slimaceous Herbs, Betzy Bancroft
The Different Types of Herbal Tonics, Sajah Popham

The Ten Most Indispensable Herbs in My Practice and Indispensable Herbs for First Aide, Matt Wood


Herbal Preparations, Jim McDonald
Making Sense of Herbal Measurements, Rosalee de la Foret
Weights and Measures, Rolla Thomas, in The Practice of Eclectic Medicine (1907)
The Pros and Cons of Standardization, Michael Vertolli

Herbal Honey: Ancient, Magical & Medicinal, Jennifer Aikman
Herbal Honeys, Kiva Rose


Wildcrafting for Beginners, Howie Brounstein
Wild Harvesting Herbs, Michael Vertolli
Chaga and the Wild Harvesting Dilemma, Michael Vertolli
The Two Sides of Chaga, Robert Rogers


Wildflowers and Weeds - includes many photos of plants according to the families & patterns methods outlined in Elpel's book Botany In A Day.
Botany Everyday - self-paced classes in plant ID, also based on Botany In A Day.
Identify That Plant
The Plant List - "a working list of all known plant species."
Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University - check out their Plant Image Search and Arboretum Explorer interactive map!
Medicinal Plants of the Northeast, Sharon Barotz & Carrie Bilodeau
GoBotany (New England Wildflower Society)
Practical Plants
Botany word of the day - check the articles under the Pages dropdown.

Fundamentals of Winter Tree Identification, Feral Foraging
Pine, Fir, or Spruce Tree?, Tivon Feeley

The Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac Site
Poison Ivy, Jim McDonald


Synergy in Botanical Medicines, Guido Mase / Lisa Ganora
Science Update: Whole Plants Versus Pills, Guido Masé

Phytochemistry tutorials, Georges-Louis Friedli
Plant saponins, Guido Mase
The whole of nature is a conjugation of the verb to eat, in the active and passive.

- Michael Pollan
nutrition, food intolerance

the modern food environment

Breeding the Nutrition Out of Our Food, Jo Robinson (NYT)
How the Government Supports Your Junk Food Habit, Anahad O'Connor (NYT)
Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry, Sally Fallon (WAPF)
Nation's Biggest Honey Packer Admits 'Laundering' Chinese Honey, Dan Charles (NPR)
Dietary emulsifiers impact the mouse gut microbiota promoting colitis and metabolic syndrome, Chassaing et al
In which a Brain is hacked, David Malki !

Superfoods are Bullshit, Todd Caldecott
Superfoods are Bullshit, part 2, Todd Caldecott

Healthy food, healthy climate? The dirt on soil and carbon, Courtney White
The Great Nutrient Collapse, Helena Bottemiller Evich

Twenty Years of Failure: Why GM Crops Have Failed To Deliver On Their Promises (Greenpeace)
Are GMOs Safe?, Chris Kresser
How Genetically Modified Foods Could Affect Our Health in Unexpected Ways, Ari LeVaux
Study Finds Monsanto's GMO Corn Causes Organ Damage in Rodents, Brian Merchant

Vitamins Hide the Low Quality of Our Food, Catherine Price
Food Fortification: A Risky Experiment?, Paul Jaminet
B12 deficiency: a silent epidemic with serious consequences, Chris Kresser
Vitamin D Intake: A Global Perspective of Current Status, Calvo, Whiting, Barton (J. Nutr. February 1, 2005 vol. 135 no. 2 310-316) - vitamin D around the world.
The little known (but crucial) difference between folate and folic acid, Chris Kresser - folic acid is not the same as folate.

the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

Natural causes: Life and death, food and fantasy, Tovar Cerulli

primal / paleo / evolutionary nutrition

Herbalism and clinical nutrition, Paul Bergner
Heron Brae - Wild Plants for Food and Medicine in the Seasonal Cycles (Free Herbalism Project)

The Metabolic Plant Feedback Hypothesis: How Plant Secondary Metabolites Nonspecifically Impact Human Health, Jurg Gertsch (Planta Med 2016; 82(11/12): 920-929) - there are a few interesting points in this article, starting with the main one that low-potency phytochemicals like chlorophyll are more important to human health (specifically when it comes to metabolic and inflammatory illnesses) than the high-potency ones which make herbs medicinal - whoever eats the most vegetables wins, right?
also he argues that medicinal plant use was actually fairly infrequent among hunter-gatherer groups; that they had little call for it since they were ingesting high amounts of non-starchy plants: "It is tempting to postulate that the lack of bulk phytochemicals once ingested in pre-agriculturist times gradually had to be compensated by spices and herbal remedies in the carbohydrate farming societies to diminish the mismatch of ancient genes and new diets."

Homo medicus: The transition to meat eating, increased pathogen pressure, and the constitutive and inducible use of pharmacological plants in Homo, Hagen et al (OSF Preprints)

Primal Blueprint 101, Mark Sisson
9 Steps to Perfect Health, Chris Kresser
Eat Like a Predator, Not Like Prey, J Stanton - this article is a good introduction to the Paleo diet principles, but the author does get into some fat-shaming toward the end. this is unfortunately prevalent in the paleo blogs and websites. much of the movement has been spearheaded by men who are focused on optimizing body composition, masculinity, or some other testosterone-related virtue. this is a major motivator for a lot of men, and the narrative Stanton sets up here is compelling to many - but striving for performance / fitness / resilience certainly doesn't require putting other people down. so, we urge you to keep an eye out for this kind of thing, call it out where appropriate, and think critically about it.
Characteristics of Traditional Diets, WAPF
Nutrition and health in agriculturalists and hunter-gatherers, Michael Eades

Why Does the Paleo Diet Continue to Receive Low Points from "Established Authorities"?, Mark Sisson - good links to randomized controlled trials, like this one.
Is the Paleo Diet Supported by Scientific Research?, Mark Sisson
One True Paleo Diet Doesn't Exist, but So What?, Mark Sisson
On Diets and Black Swans, Renee Davis

The Top 3 Causes of Obesity & Diabetes, Chris Kresser
Start Here, Melissa McEwen - Hunt. Gather. Love.
The Whole 30 Program
Unhappy Meals, Michael Pollan

The Definitive Guide to Traditional Food Preparation and Preservation, Mark Sisson

Traditional Bone Broth in Modern Health and Disease, Allison Siebecker
Bone Broth for Health Building: Nourishing the Liver and Kidneys, Cindy Micleu

Are Eggs Healthy? (
Egg consumption and risk of coronary heart disease and stroke: dose-response meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies, L Liu et al (BMJ 2013;346:e8539) - "results from our meta-analysis do not support that higher egg consumption is associated with elevated risk of coronary heart disease and stroke", i.e. eggs won't kill you after all!

The Inuit Paradox, Patricia Gadsby (Discover)
Forget paleo, go mid-Victorian: it's the healthiest diet you've never heard of, Paul Clayton and Judith Rowbotham
What Mid-Victorians Can Teach Us About Nutrition and Health, Chris Kresser
Preventative Living, Stephany Hoffelt

Associations of fats and carbohydrate intake with cardiovascular disease and mortality in 18 countries from five continents (PURE): a prospective cohort study, Dehghan et al (The Lancet) - a major 2017 study. from the Interpretation: "High carbohydrate intake was associated with higher risk of total mortality, whereas total fat and individual types of fat were related to lower total mortality. Total fat and types of fat were not associated with cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarction, or cardiovascular disease mortality, whereas saturated fat had an inverse association with stroke. Global dietary guidelines should be reconsidered in light of these findings."

meat & protein

Why Eating Meat Is Good For You, Chris Kresser

Protein: Building Blocks of the Body, Fred Kummerow (WAPF)
Meat Is Magnificent: Water, Carbon, Methane & Nutrition, Diane Rodgers

How Much Protein/Meat Are We Actually Eating?, Diana Rodgers - it's a common claim amongs vegans that "everyone in the US is eating too much meat anyway". this breaks down the numbers and finds a variety of ways in which that's false.
Proteinaholic: Is It Time To Sober Up From Animal Foods? (A Review and Critique), Denise Minger

Will Eating Red Meat Kill You?, Denise Minger - this and the next two were written in response to an article that was reported in popular press as indicating a correlation between meat consumption and increased risk of all-cause mortality.
RHR: Does Red Meat Increase Your Risk of Death?, Chris Kresser & Steve Wright [audio w/ transcript]
Science, Pseudoscience, Nutritional Epidemiology, and Meat, Gary Taubes

Dear Mark: How Much Protein Can You Absorb and Use from One Meal?, Mark Sisson

There's A Pill For That I: Taurine, Melissa McEwen

Is Iron the New Cholesterol?, Mark Sisson

Is Protein Powder Paleo?, Sebastein Noel

fat, cholesterol

Know Your Fats - Weston A Price Foundation
Checking Your Oil: The Definitive Guide To Cooking With Fat, Colin Champ
Saturated fat is not the major issue, Aseem Malhotra (BMJ)
Saturated Fats and Health: A Reassessment and Proposal for Food-Based Recommendations: JACC State-of-the-Art Review, Astrup et al (JACC, 2020)
Fats and oils, Todd Caldecott
10 Reasons You Should Be Eating More Monounsaturated Fat, Mark Sisson

Myths and Truths about Cholesterol - Weston A Price Foundation
Cholesterol: Friend or Foe?, Natasha Campbell-McBride
Benefits of High Cholesterol, Uffe Ravnskov
High Cholesterol And Heart Disease - Myth or Truth?, Chris Masterjohn
Hyperlipidemia 101, Todd Caldecott
Why You Should Eat More, Not Less, Cholesterol, Chris Kresser
23 Studies on Low-Carb and Low-Fat Diets - Time to Retire The Fad, Kris Gunnars

sugar, insulin

Why We Get Fat, Michael Eades
Mechanisms of Sugar Addiction: Or, Why You're Addicted To Bread, J Stanton
The sugar conspiracy, Ian Leslie
The Science Behind The Low Carb Flu, and How To Regain Your Metabolic Flexibility, J Stanton
The Definitive Guide to Metabolic Flexibility, Mark Sisson
How to Minimize Hyperglycemic Toxicity, Paul Jaminet - how to make starches safer: glycemic index of foods is lowered when combined in meals with fats, acidic sauces, fiber, and meats.

fermented foods

The Definitive Guide to Fermented Foods, Mark Sisson
Fermentation Links @ Wild Fermentation, lots of good info here. check out the blog, by Sandor Katz & co, too.
Psychobiotics: Bacteria For Your Brain?, Kelly Brogan - "It appears that colonization is not an expected outcome of probiotic supplementation, and that genomic communication between bacteria and immune receptors may account for anti-inflammatory effects." - which means you need to be getting them every day, which means eat your ferments.

gluten, wheat, grains

The Definitive Guide to Grains, Mark Sisson
The Case Against Gluten: For Everyone, Andrew Badenoch - this site's down! google's cache here,'s cache here.
The Gluten-Thyroid Connection, Chris Kresser
The gluten connection: the association between schizophrenia and celiac disease., Kalaydjian AE, Eaton W, Cascella N, Fasano A.
Leaky gut, molecular mimicry, microchimerism, and autoimmunity, Paul Bergner

Zonulin and Its Regulation of Intestinal Barrier Function: The Biological Door to Inflammation, Autoimmunity, and Cancer, Alessio Fasano (Physiol Rev January 1, 2011 vol. 91 no. 1 151-175)
All disease begins in the (leaky) gut: role of zonulin-mediated gut permeability in the pathogenesis of some chronic inflammatory diseases, Alessio Fasano (Version 1. F1000Res. 2020; 9: F1000 Faculty Rev-69. Published online 2020 Jan 31. doi: 10.12688/f1000research.20510.1)

Wheat Is A Cause of Many Diseases, I: Leaky Gut, Paul Jaminet
Why Wheat Is A Concealed Cause of Many Diseases, II: Auto-Antibody Generation, Paul Jaminet
Why Wheat Is A Concealed Cause of Many Diseases, III: Adjuvant Activity, Paul Jaminet
How Common is Gluten Sensitivity?, Mark Sisson - simple presentation of differences between celiac and "sensitivity", with a bit on true prevalence and on testing/diagnosis
Is non-celiac wheat sensitivity real? A new study says yes., Melissa McEwen
When Gluten-Free Is Not A Fad, Chris Kresser
Bread Madness - Schizophrenia or Gluten Sensitivity?, (Gluten Free Society)
Modern Wheat Really Isn't Wheat At All, (
ARE YOU TOO SENSITIVE?, Gordy Megroz - athletes go gluten-free, perform better.
Does this gluten make me look fat?, Kamal Patel
Is Sprouted Wheat Bread Really Healthier? Not Really..., Sayer Ji (GreenMedInfo)
Why Gluten-free Isn't Good Enough Part 1 & Part 2, Badier Velji
What to Do When You've Been Glutened, Ryn Midura

dairy, casein

The Abridged Untold Story of Modern Milk, Katja Swift
Why Skim Milk Will Make You Fat and Give You Heart Disease, Sarah (Healthy Home Economist)
The Definitive Guide to Dairy, Mark Sisson - note this and the next, when ascribing benefits, are almost always addressing the fat fraction.
Dairy: food of the Gods or neolithic agent of disease?, Chris Kresser - clickbait title, decent information, palliative tone.


Soy Alert, WAPF
Myths & Truths About Soy, WAPF
Vegan Diet with Soy Lowers Testosterone and Causes Erectile Dysfunction, Andrew Badenoch
Soylovers, Melissa McEwen
Harmful or Harmless: Soy Lecithin, Chris Kresser


The Lowdown On Lectins, Mark Sisson
Beans and Grains: A Brief Introduction, Emily Deans
Do dietary lectins cause disease?, David Freed (BMJ)

food allergy testing

IgG Food Allergy Testing by ELISA/EIA - What Do They Really Tell Us?, Sheryl B. Miller
EnteroLab FAQ
Biopsy Testing For Celiac Disease Completely Flawed!, (Gluten Free Society)

sugar & sweeteners

Is Sugar Toxic?, Gary Taubes
Is Sugar Toxic?, 60 Minutes [video]
High Fructose Corn Syrup - Steer Clear For Your Health & Performance, Steve Gangemi
Sugar Stacks

Diet sodas don't help with dieting, MSNBC - aspartame.
Sorbitol malabsorption in normal volunteers and in patients with coeliac disease., G R Corazza, A Strocchi, R Rossi, D Sirola, G Gasbarrini
Agave Nectar A Healthy Sweetner?, Karen Vaughan
Agave Nectar: Good or Bad?, Kristen Michaelis
when natural foods aren't natural: agave nectar, Jenny McGruther


The (Political) Science of Salt, Gary Taubes [pdf]
Shaking up the Salt Myth: The History of Salt, Chris Kresser
Shaking up the Salt Myth: The Human Need for Salt, Chris Kresser
Shaking up the Salt Myth: Healthy Salt Recommendations, Chris Kresser
The Salt Scam, Jason Fung
Let them eat salt!, Todd Caldecott
Dear Mark: Salt and Blood Pressure, Mark Sisson
Study Evaluates Relationship of Urinary Sodium With Health Outcomes - Science Daily

the sea

Seaweed as Food and Medicine, Katja Swift
The Many Faces of Aquaculture: An Introduction to Fish Farming, Mark Sisson
Farmed Seafood: What's Safe and Nutritious, Mark Sisson
Grocery Store Seafood: What to Eat and What to Avoid, Mark Sisson

Cape Ann Fresh Catch - a local Community Supported Fishery

vegetarianism & The China Study

For Vegans, Denise Minger - a vegan-friendly discussion of some drawbacks of the diet, and what to do about them.
Paleo for Vegetarians?, Sebastien Noel
Vitamin B12: Are You Getting It?, Jack Norris - v-friendly.
Vitamin B12 Importance, Gabriel Cousens - v-friendly.
Ayurveda and Vitamin B12, Todd Caldecott

The China Study, Denise Minger - clearinghouse for all her posts on the study. also see her critique of the vegan-agenda film Forks Over Knives.
Response to T. Colin Campbell, Chris Masterjohn
The China Study vs the China study, Michael Eades

Why You Should Think Twice About Vegetarian and Vegan Diets, Chris Kresser
Vegetarianism and Ayurveda, Todd Caldecott
Meat eating vs vegetarian or vegan diets, Simon Fairlie
Letter to a Vegetarian Nation, Sheldon Frith
Vegetarian diets are not going to save the planet, Chris Newman

the Blood Type diet

The Blood Type Diet: A Critical Perspective, Don Matesz
Eat Right for Your Social Security Number, Alan R. Gaby - please note: this article is satire, not serious. (you shouldn't really need this warning, but we had some confused students come through . . . ) a classic snark on the reason the blood type diet sometimes works: tell this group to eliminate a major common allergen, eat whole foods, and reduce sugar. tell that group to eliminate a different common allergen, eat whole foods, and reduce sugar. repeat until you run out of groups, and people are bound to feel better.


Gut-Heal Tea, Ryn Midura
Nettle and Friends, Katja Swift

Is GERD an autoimmune disease?, Chris Kresser

Garlic and Ulcers, Paul Bergner
Herbal treatment for ulcers, Paul Bergner and Sharol Tilgner

6 Real Food Tips for Overcoming Constipation, Steve Wright
Dealing with Constipation, Karen Vaughan

The bitter flavor and the bitter herbs: trust and embrace!, Guido Masé
Herbal bitters: their role in appetite, blood glucose management, and obesity, Guido Masé
Guido Masé's high caliber BITTERS herbal lecture, [audio]
Tonics, Bitters And Digestion, Christopher Hobbs
Bitters, David Hoffmann
Bitters: the Revival of a Forgotten Flavor, Danielle Charles-Davies
Blessed Bitters, Jim McDonald

Vitamin D and gastrointestinal diseases: inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer, Maitreyi Raman (Therap Adv Gastroenterol. 2011 Jan; 4(1): 49-62.)

antibiotics, probiotics

The Problems with Antibiotics: They Kill the Good Guys and Make You Fat, Mark Sisson
The high price of antibiotic use: can our guts ever fully recover?, Chris Kresser

Inside Job, Tina Hesman Saey
How friendly bacteria protect the gut, Paul Bergner
When geometric diagrams and digits
Are no longer the keys to living things,
When people who go about singing or kissing
Know deeper things than the great scholars,
When society is returned once more
To unimprisoned life, and to the universe,
And when light and darkness mate
Once more and make something entirely transparent,
And people see in poems and fairy tales
The true history of the world,
Then our entire twisted nature will turn
And run when a single secret word is spoken.

- Novalis

assessing heart disease risks

Is hypertension a disease?, Todd Caldecott
Hyperlipidemia 101, Todd Caldecott
Total cholesterol 220, William Davis
How to Interpret Cholesterol Test Results, Mark Sisson
When your "normal" blood sugar isn't normal (Part 1) and (Part 2), Chris Kresser
5 things you didn't know about exercise and high blood pressure, Katy Bowman

Can an Aspirin a Day Help Prevent a Heart Attack? - this is the FDA walking back the recommendation that everyone should pop an aspirin daily as "primary prevention". don't do it!

dietary factors in heart health

Heart Disease, Chris Kresser
Shaking up the Salt Myth, Chris Kresser

The Questionable Link Between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease, Nina Teicholz (Wall Street Journal)
Saturated fat is not the major issue, Aseem Malhotra (British Medical Journal)
Saturated fat does not clog the arteries: coronary heart disease is a chronic inflammatory condition, the risk of which can be effectively reduced from healthy lifestyle interventions, Malhotra et al (Br J Sports Med 2017;51:1111-1112)
The Definitive Guide to Cholesterol, Mark Sisson
Heart Surgeon Admits He was Wrong About Low Fat Diet and Heart Disease, Dwight Lundell
Dietary Fats and Health: Dietary Recommendations in the Context of Scientific Evidence, Glen Lawrence (Adv Nutr vol. 4: 294-302, 2013)

The Abridged Untold Story of Modern Milk, Katja Swift
Why Skim Milk Will Make You Fat and Give You Heart Disease, Sarah (Healthy Home Economist)

Kick the can: how BPA in canned drinks impacts blood pressure (

High cholesterol and sunlight deficiency, Jamie Scott

herbs and the cardiovascular system

Herb of the week: Hawthorn., Henriette Kress
Crataegus: Mental and emotional indications, Deborah Frances

Allium sativum: Garlic and Cardiovascular Disease, Paul Bergner
Allium sativum: Practitioner interviews, Paul Bergner
The many forms of garlic, Paul Bergner

Lovely Linden, Rosalee de la Foret
Vaccinium spp.: Bilberry, huckleberry, whortleberry, etc., Rob Biddleman
Go get me a sprig of rosemary!, Christophe Bernard

Getting the Blood Moving, CoreyPine Shane
Curcuma: Turmeric, Jill Hopp
Zingiber officinalis, Paul Bergner / William Bloyer

Heart medicines in the European tradition, Christopher Hedley
Cardiovascular system case studies, Christopher Hedley
Cardiovascular Herbs and hypertension, Paul Bergner

Glycyrrhiza: Licorice and hypertension, Paul Bergner

Varicose Veins - A Useful Lotion!, Katja Swift
Varicose Veins: The Updated Post, Katja Swift
Lower limb venous insufficiency with varicosities, Paul Bergner
Vascular Health: Maintaining Healthy Blood Vessels, Mimi Hernandez [video]

Herbs for the Spiritual Heart, Paul Bergner
Institute of Heartmath - Research Library

herbs and the urinary system

Taraxacum: Dandelion as a diuretic, Paul Bergner
Serenoa: Eclectic materia medica for Saw Palmetto, Paul Bergner

Apple, Jim McDonald
Juniper berries, Wade Boyle
Juniper Berries, Paul Bergner
Juniperus: Are juniper berries a kidney irritant?, Paul Bergner
Juniper: A Physiomedicalist view, Paul Bergner

Urinary tract Materia Medica, Chanchal Cabrera
Urinary tract botanicals, Paul Bergner
A walk in the forest finding herbs with an affinity for the urinary system, Rosalee de la Foret
Urinary tract infections, Chanchal Cabrera
Is Urine Really Sterile?, Scishow
Urogenital Probiotics for Women, Brad J. Douglass

Lower urinary tract infections, Jill Stansbury
Recurrent Cystitis, Cascade Anderson Geller
Interstitial Cystitis - An Herbal Approach, Michael Moore

American Cancer Society's Chief Medical Officer says PSA screening is not a good idea - and, he's not the only one. But the problem's bigger than the PSA, because A Medical Test That's 90% Accurate Is Wrong 92% Of The Time - Here's Why

Urinary Urgency and Incontinence: Why It's Not Just Age, Mark Sisson

Kidney support, Sharol Tilgner
Kidney stone case study, Chanchal Cabrera

On water., Rebecca Altman


Big Berkey Water Filters
Squatty Potty


Blue Gold: World Water Wars
The Remedies

Half on the Earth, half in the heart,
the remedies for all the things
which grieve us wait for those who know the words to use to find them.
Penobscott people used to make
a medicine for cancer from Mayapple
and South American people knew
the quinine cure for malaria
a thousand years ago.
But it is not just in the roots,

the stems, the leaves,
the thousand flowers
that healing lies.
Half of it lives within the words
the healer speaks.
And when the final time has come
for one to leave this Earth
there are no cures,
for Death is only
part of Life, not a disease.

Half on the Earth, half in the heart,
the remedies for all our pains
wait for the songs of healing.

- Joseph Bruchac
respiratory Guide to Breathing, Todd Caldecott
Building a Coregeous EmbodyMap, Starring the Diaphragm, Louis Jackson

Breath of Life; Understanding our Respiratory System, Rosalee de la Foret
Lung grunges., Henriette Kress

Acute and chronic respiratory case studies, Paul Bergner / Sharol Tilgner

Eclectic & Specific Botanical Protocols for Asthma, David Winston [pdf]
Asthma. and lobelia.. herblist (Hedley, Treasure, others)
The myth of Lobelia toxicity, Paul Bergner
Allergies and Asthma, Guido Masé
Seasonal Allergies, Guido Masé

What's in a Cough? An Introduction to Herbal Expectorants, Shayne Foley
Herbs for cough, Barbara Heller and Carolyn Mohney
Whooping Cough (seminar notes), Michael Tierra

Bronchitis Acute, David Hoffmann
Bronchitis Chronic, David Hoffmann
Respiratory - Bronchitis recipes and formulae, Jill Stansbury

Materia Medica for the Respiratory system [pdf], Guido Masé
Herbal Therapy & the Respiratory System, David Hoffmann
Tonics For The Upper Respiratory System, David Hoffmann
The Lower Respiratory System, David Hoffmann
Herbs for the Respiratory System, Christa Sinadinos

Mullein, Jim McDonald
New England Aster, Jim McDonald
New England Aster, Dana Driscoll

Incense., herblist (DeLara, Moore)
Plant Devotions in Smoke: Bioregional Plant Incense, Kiva Rose
Medicinal smokes, Mohagheghzadeh et al (J Ethnopharmacol. 2006 Nov 24;108(2):161-84. Epub 2006 Sep 9.)
Medicinal smoke reduces airborne bacteria, Nautiyal et al (J Ethnopharmacol. 2007 Dec 3;114(3):446-51. Epub 2007 Aug 28.) - "We have demonstrated that using medicinal smoke it is possible to completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the air within confined space."

Herbal Smoking Mixtures, Howie Brounstein
Kinnikinnick, Jim McDonald
Mullein: herbal smoking mixes., herblist (Brounstein, Hedley)
Herbal support for tobacco cessation [pdf], Guido Masé

cold & flu

An Herbalist's View - Approaches to Colds and Flus, 7Song
Colds, Flu, and Fever, Todd Caldecott
Dealing with cold and flu season, Todd Caldecott

That Darn Cold!, CoreyPine Shane

Quick fix: earache., Henriette Kress
Earaches in kids., Henriette Kress
The Midnight Earache., Henriette Kress
Chronic childhood ear infections, Paul Bergner
Natural treatments for Otitis Media, Mary Bove

Diaphoretics and Colds, Paul Bergner
William Cook on diaphoretics (excerpt)

Herbal Energetics and Fevers, with Jim McDonald - HerbMentor Radio
Fever Phobia, jim mcdonald
Elevated Body Temperature Helps Certain Types of Immune Cells to Work Better, Evidence Suggests - ScienceDaily
Antibiotic Prescribing in Ambulatory Pediatrics in the United States, Hersh, Shapiro, et al - Pediatrics Nov 2011 - more than 10 million annual prescriptions of antibiotics for conditions where they were not indicated.
Clinical Report--Fever and Antipyretic Use in Children [pdf], Sullivan, Farrar, et al - Pediatrics Feb 2011 - still mentions uses of acetaminophen and ibuprofen, but for the very conventional this could be a useful reference.

Surviving Sinusitis, Jim McDonald
Sinusitis, Todd Caldecott
Sinusitis, David Hoffmann

Focus on Influenza [pdf], Paul Bergner (Medical Herbalism, Winter 2007 / Summer 2008)
Getting through the Peak of Flu Season, Katja Swift (at Kitchen Table Health)
Spice Rack Remedies for Cold and Flu Season, Katja Swift (at Mommypotamus)
How to Survive the Flu: Part 1: PREVENTION, Darcey Blue
How to Survive the Flu: Part 2: Acute Remedies, Darcey Blue
Herbal support for Influenza, Guido Masé
Herbal Recipes for Winter Health [pdf], Guido Masé
Botanical Approaches to Winter Respiratory Complaints, Jill Stansbury
Indications for Commonly Used Herbs..., Jim McDonald - included here specifically for important notes on echinacea & goldenseal. also covers elder and st john's wort.

Vitamins and Herbs for Flu, Paul Bergner [video]
Vitamin D for Flu, Paul Bergner [video]

Elder, jim mcdonald
Randomized study of the efficacy and safety of oral elderberry extract in the treatment of influenza A and B virus infections, Zakay-Rones et al (J Int Med Res. 2004 Mar-Apr;32(2):132-40.) - this is just one of example of the many studies which have found elderberry syrup effective at reducing severity & duration of flu symptoms.

Eupatorium: Clinical Correspondence and commentary, Sasha Daucus and Paul Bergner - on boneset.
Don't Use Echinacea for This Season's Flu, Karen Vaughan
Lomatium dissectum and the antiviral myth, Paul Bergner

Fever Treatments May Cause More Flu Deaths, Bahar Gholipour - see also this fulltext study, related: Population-level effects of suppressing fever. from the study: "We highlight a potentially important negative effect of fever suppression that becomes evident at the population level: reducing fever may increase transmission of associated infections. A higher transmission rate implies that a larger proportion of the population will be infected, so widespread antipyretic drug use is likely to lead to more illness and death than would be expected in a population that was not exposed to antipyretic pharmacotherapies."
The Truth About Flu Shots (and What to do Instead), Chris Kresser [podcast w/ transcript]
Neuraminidase inhibitors for preventing and treating influenza in healthy adults and children (Cochrane Review) - a review of the [in]effectiveness of Tamiflu and related medications.
integumentary Herbal Therapy For Skin Disorders, David Hoffmann
Garden remedies for skin care, Ananda Wilson

Everything I know about the dreaded Cold Sore, Rosalee de la Foret

Acne, Paul Bergner
Acne, David Hoffmann
Hormonal Acne: Where It's Coming From, and What to Do about It, Stefani Ruper
The gut-skin connection: how altered gut function affects the skin, Chris Kresser

Eczema case study, Christopher Hedley
Eczema: Dermatitis, David Hoffmann

Psoriasis, David Hoffmann
Simple Practices to Deal with Psoriasis, Karen Vaughan

Fungal troubles., Henriette Kress
Foot fungi., Henreitte Kress
Henna, Jim McDonald
Athlete's Foot, David Hoffmann

Herbs for sunburn, herblist (Brounstein, others)
More Sun Science (That Paleo Guy)
On the Issue of Sunscreens, Todd Caldecott
Sunscreen Ingredient May Increase Skin Cancer Risk (Science Daily)
8 Natural Ways to Prevent a Sunburn (And Sunscreen's Not One of Them), Mark Sisson

Are your skincare products toxic? Shampoo, soap and lotion., Chris Kresser

Palm Reader, Katy Bowman - on some biomechanics of skin.

Moles and Apple Cider Vinegar, Todd Caldecott

Symphytum: Comfrey, coltsfoot, and pyrrolizidine alkaloids, Paul Bergner
Symphytum: Comfrey is comfrey is comfrey: or is it?, Paul Bergner
Symphytum: Hepatotoxicity of pyrrolizidine alkaloids, Paul Bergner
Is Comfrey Safe?, David Hoffmann
Livertoxic PAs., Henriette Kress
Coltsfoot toxicity., Henriette Kress
Safety Issues Affecting Herbs: Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids, Subhuti Dharmananda
No lifeless instrument or mechanical appliance can equal the dexterity, warmth, and magnetism of the human hand.

- Henry Lindlahr

movement & alignment

The Definitive Guide to Low Level Aerobic Activity, Mark Sisson
The Definitive Guide to Walking, Mark Sisson

A Case Against Cardio (from a former mileage king), Mark Sisson
Dear Mark: Chronic Cardio, Mark Sisson
More Chronic Cardio Talk, Mark Sisson

Skeletal muscle as a regulator of the longevity protein, Klotho, Avin et al (Front Physiol. 2014; 5: 189.)

How To Get A Beach Body, MovNat Style - this article focuses on rapid but sustainable muscle gain, and has a lot of good material about programming workouts and movement sessions for this goal.

My Manifesto, Katy Bowman
Side Effects, Katy Bowman
Kickin' the tires, Katy Bowman
Junk Food Walking, Katy Bowman - these are all on the difference between exercise and movement.

Are you STILL sitting?, Katy Bowman
More Blood Physics, Katy Bowman
UTIs, Katy Bowman

A Wee Problem with Crossfit, Katy Bowman
When the poop hurts., Katy Bowman - on some mechanical causes of constipation.

Princess Feet, Darcy Geddes - how to get a little girl to ditch the princess heels.

A post pertaining to the problem with passive positioning., Jillian Eve - why you have to hold yourself up, your chair can't do it for you.
Rocking Chairs Help Post Surgical Constipation, Karen Vaughan - if you do sit, a rocker is better. consider a yoga ball as similar.
Don't just stand there! How are you *actually* supposed to stand?, Jillian Eve

What difference does it make how I squat, as long as I'm trying?, Jillian Nicol
Fixing the root cause of pelvic floor problems, no special equipment required., Jillian Nicol
Getting your weight in your heels for a healthy pelvic floor. (stupid stick figures illustrating basic physics), Jillian Nicol

movement & exercise

Move Your DNA: Movement Ecology and the Difference Between Exercise and Movement, Katy Bowman

Stack Your Life and Start A Movement With Katy Bowman, Robin Rootenberg
Interview With Katy Bowman On Stacking Movement & Nature Back Into Life (MovNat)
Office Life: How to Get More Movement In A 9-5, Katy Bowman
13 Functional Exercises You Can Do At Work, Mark Sisson

The Characteristics of Hunter-Gatherer Fitness, Mark Sisson - a nice backgrounder on ancestral movement habits.
MovNat Power & Agility Manual - this presents the MovNat theory, an attempt at systematizing the principles & practicalities of instinctive human movements.

Primal Blueprint Fitness, Mark Sisson - PDF e-book accessible for download after subscribing to his mailing list. includes bodyweight exercise progressions and information on Mark's three fitness principles: move frequently at a slow pace, lift heavy things, sprint occasionally. here are his videos on the basic bodyweight exercises.
The Scientific 7-Minute Workout, Gretchen Reynolds - you can install these as an app on your phone and they'll walk you through the timing & changes. handy!
Work! It! Out!, Traci Picard - find a whole slew of good ideas, options, and resources here!

A Case Against Cardio, Mark Sisson - an oldie but a goodie.
8 Signs You Are Overtraining, Mark Sisson - how to recognize when someone is working out too much . . .
How to Deal with Overtraining, Mark Sisson - . . . and what to do about it.

Top 10 exercises for hip and spine health, Susan McLaughlin
Gluteal progression for back, hip and knee health, Susan McLaughlin

Evidence for prescribing exercise as therapy in chronic disease, B. K. Pedersen1,2, B. Saltin (Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports)
Association Between Biologic Outcomes and Objectively Measured Physical Activity Accumulated in =10-Minute Bouts and <10-Minute Bouts, Paul D. Loprinzi, Bradley J. Cardinal (American Journal of Health Promotion) - study finds taking the stairs, raking leaves may have same health benefits as a trip to the gym.
Cross-Training In The Garden, Katy Bowman

Are You Recovering or Just Resting? (Whole9)

No More "Nature-Deficit Disorder", Richard Louv (Psychology Today)
Saving Kids from 'Nature Deficit Disorder', Richard Louv / Steve Inskeep (NPR)

minimalist footwear

there are a ton of minimalist shoes out there now, from Vibram to VivoBarefoot to offerings from Merrell and New Balance. review sites like Birthday Shoes may be helpful, but keep in mind that a lot of these will be focused on running.

for winter wear, we like the Tracker moccasins from Steger Mukluks, and Feelmax boots.

also check out My Happy Feet toe spreader socks.

nutrition & supplementation

Traditional Bone Broth in Modern Health and Disease, Allison Siebecker
Bone Broth for Health Building: Nourishing the Liver and Kidneys, Cindy Micleu

New analysis slams calcium supplements over heart problems, Nathan Gray
Stoned to Death: Calcium Supplements Proven To Kill Again, Sayer Ji

The Healing Power of Minerals, Special Nutrients and Trace Elements, Paul Bergner - one of our premier herbalists wrote a book on this important subject.
Why you need ionic minerals (Trace Mineral Research) - yes, it's from the people who'll sell them to you, but the basic info is still good, and they have several research articles available on their site also.

Is Eating Too Much Protein Going to Harm My Kidneys?, Mark Sisson - no, it is not! the NY Times acknowledges this also: "Studies show that in healthy adults, increased protein intake does not put excess strain on the kidneys."

weight loss

Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong, Michael Hobbes
A Mathematical Challenge to Obesity, Claudia Dreifus with Carson Chow
The Physiology of Women's Weight Loss Part I: Estrogen, Stefani Ruper
The Physiology of Women's Weight Loss Part II: Appetite and Weight Regulation, Stefani Ruper
Gender Differences in Fat Metabolism, Mark Sisson


Understanding Pain [video]
NSAIDs - I Still Say Never, Steve Gangemi

Herbs for the Relief of Chronic Pain, Gail Faith Edwards
Working with Pain, CoreyPine Shane
Herbs for Nerve Pain, CoreyPine Shane
Herbs for Muscle Pain, CoreyPine Shane

A comprehensive guide to the new science of treating lower back pain, Julia Belluz

connective tissues

Myofascial Release Foam Roller Exercises [video] - for a little deeper release than stretching can provide, foam rollers and tennis balls can be very useful.

Experts: Don't stretch before exercising (USA Today / AP) - one example of a mainstream press article stating that static stretching before aerobic exercise is not helpful.
Stretching: The Truth, Gretchen Reynolds (New York Times) - another.
The Science of Stretch, Helene M. Langevin (The Scientist)

The Fabulous Fibroblast, Warren Hammer

Why Training Your Tendons Is Important (and 11 Ways to Do It), Mark Sisson
Ankle Sprains, Pains, Instability and Other Ligament Damage: Check Your Hormones, Steve Gangemi

The Top 5 Ways Fascia Matters to Athletes, Brooke Thomas
Understanding Your Fascia, Julia Lucas


5 things you (probably) didn't know about osteoporosis., Katy Bowman
Welcome to Costco, I love you., Katy Bowman - on bone density testing.

Chinese Kidney tonics and Osteoporosis, Paul Bergner
10 Paleo secrets for preventing osteoporosis, Stefani Ruper

Preventing and Healing Stress Fractures & Stress Reactions, Stephen Gangemi

musculoskeletal pathologies

Arthritis, Paul Bergner
Arthritis case, Cascade Anderson Geller
Rheumatism - Myalgia, David Hoffmann

Case study - chronic tendinitis, Paul Bergner

Everyone and No One Has Carpal Tunnel, Sara Calabro, L.Ac.

Sciatica: Top Ten Natural Ways to Ease the (Horrible!) Pain, Ananda Wilson
Get Rid of Sciatica, Susan McLaughlin

Fibromyalgia, Chanchal Cabrera

musculoskeletal herbs

Herbal Treatment for the Muscular and Skeletal System, Matt Wood

Solomon's Seal, Jim McDonald
herbs for back pain..., Jim McDonald

Go-To Joint Liniment, ryn midura

Herbal Therapy & The Musculo-Skeletal System, David Hoffmann

Muscle Aches and Tension, Kiva Rose

Herbs for athletes. Part 1., Rebecca Altman Herbs for athletes. Part 2., Rebecca Altman
Become mentally prepared, factual and thoughtful, about principles of human rights and sustainability. Become a force of greater persuasion. Choose justice, choose your army, find your students, know your enemy, and then prepare yourself with clenched fists.

- Marcus Eriksen
first aid Herbal Medics
Herbal Medics Boston - Skills Video Archive

Medic Wiki
Boston Street Medics
Mutual Aid Health Boston - a mobile drop-in center for homeless youth. they hope to be up and running soon!
Boston Area Liberation Medic (BALM) Squad - an archive site of non-herbal but useful info for street medic situations like Occupy, protests, and other direct actions.
Rosehip Medic Collective - Resources
Chicago Action Medical - Resources
Black Cross Health Collective - Publications
Riot Medicine

First Aid Kits For Everyone!, Katja Swift
Creating and Using Your Own Herbal First Aid Kit, Katja Swift & Sam Coffman

Sue Sierralupe - Street Herbalism (Free Herbalism Project)
'Northeast School of Botanical Medicine - Resources', 7Song - look at all the handouts under the "First Aid" category, plus his "The Herbalist Street Medic" handout.

Herbs for Psychological First Aid, Katja Swift [video]
Psychological First Aid, National Child Traumatic Stress Network / National Center for PTSD

Why Ice Delays Recovery, Gabe Mirkin
De-Iced: The End of the Cold War, Tony Bonvechio

Herbal First Aid, Tim Lane

The Herbal Medic! Podcast Archive - Sam Coffman's excellent old podcasts on all topics related to wilderness herbal first aid, survival skills, and post-disaster resilience.
The Herbal Medic, Sam Coffman
Practical Herbal Uses of Oregon Grape and Algerita - Extraordinary Medicinal Plants!, Sam Coffman

First Aid/Acute Injury Therapeutics & Differentials, Kiva Rose

Single Salve Packs Tutorial
Herbal First Aid Kit for the Car

Dressing A Burn, Katja Swift

Honey as a Wound Dressing, L.B. Grotte
Honey: A realistic antimicrobial for disorders of the skin, McLoone et al (Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection , Volume 49 , Issue 2 , 161 - 167)

First Aid Station Setup Considerations, Katja Swift & Ryn Midura
What guarantee is there that the five senses, taken together, do cover the whole of possible experience? They cover simply our actual experience, our human knowledge of facts or events. There are gaps between the fingers; there are gaps between the senses. In these gaps is the darkness which hides the connection between things. It is as though we live in a bright pool of light, so bright that the darkness beyond is all the more intense. This darkness is the source of our vague fears and anxieties, but also the home of the gods.

- Idris Parry
nervous How Your Coffee Mug Controls Your Feelings, Seth Snyder - you can also google for other articles on embodied cognition.
How Information Graphics Reveal Your Brain's Blind Spots, Lena Groeger
can we talk about why utahraptor is manifesting a HUMAN thumb, can we talk about that for a second, Ryan North
Debugger, Randall Munroe

Atlas of Emotions

The "chemical imbalance" myth, Chris Kresser
Who Are You Calling Crazy?, Zander Sherman / Gary Greenberg
What Can I Do For My Anxiety?, Todd Caldecott
Dietary and botanical anxiolytics, Alramadhan et al. (Med Sci Monit. 2012; 18(4): RA40-RA48) - this is a good one for your science-minded audiences.

Harm Reduction Guide To Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs And Withdrawal, Icarus Project and Freedom Center
Inner Compass Initiative, featuring The Withdrawal Project

The World Needs All Kinds of Minds, Temple Grandin (TED talk) [video]
In My Language, A M Baggs [video] - a video made by an autistic woman to help explain her experience of the world.
We might have autism backwards: What "broken mirror" and "broken mentalizing" theories could have wrong, Gregory Hickok - this one's really good. i particularly like the part about how the "driving force behind the micro network-level hyperreactivity appears to be the [50 percent increase in] direct connections between neurons" rather than hyperreactivity of individual cells.
Leaky gut, food antibodies and autism, Paul Whiteley
Our Journey with Autism, Melanie Hoffman
ADHD: It's the Food, Stupid, Kristin Warman

Minding Your Mitochondria, Terry Wahls - Dr Wahls attained some notoriety for resolving her MS by changing her diet. her approach is mostly paleo/primal.
Multiple Sclerosis Drug Doesn't Prevent Onset of Disability, Study Finds, Nicholas Bakalar (NY Times)

B12 deficiency: a silent epidemic with serious consequences, Chris Kresser - with relevance to Alzheimer's, MS, mental illnesses, and autoimmune diseases
Nutrition and Alzheimer's disease: The detrimental role of a high carbohydrate diet, Seneff, Wainwright, Mascitelli (European Journal of Internal Medicine)
Brain Aging and Omega 3, Emily Deans

How Sleep Clears the Brain (NIH)
Cleaning the sleeping brain - the potential restorative function of the glymphatic system, Haglund et al (Current Opinion in Physiology)

Botanical/Nutritional Protocols for Insomnia and Other Sleep Disorders, David Winston

Brain Cells Share Information With Virus-Like Capsules, Ed Yong (The Atlantic 12.jan.2018)

The Gut-Brain Connection, Mental Illness, and Disease, Emily Deans

Schizophrenia and the Gut, Emily Deans
Mom's Wheat Sensitivity and Offspring's Schizophrenia Risk, Emily Deans
The gluten connection: the association between schizophrenia and celiac disease., Kalaydjian AE, Eaton W, Cascella N, Fasano A.
Successful treatment of Schizophrenia with phytotherapy, Chanchal Cabrera - don't neglect to read the commentary at the end!

The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think, Johann Hari
Herbal Allies Ease Addiction, Katja Swift

Understanding Pain [video] - if you didn't watch this one last month, do so now. we talked about several severe pain syndromes in the nervous system class, and this is info worth having when considering them.
Herbs for the Relief of Chronic Pain, Gail Faith Edwards
Botanicals and Chronic Pain, Paul Bergner
Always Consider the Cause of Pain, Paul Bergner

Shingles case study, Paul Bergner; commentary, Jill Stansbury

Chronic nerve damage, Chanchal Cabrera - a nice case study highlighting herbal restoration of damaged nerve tissues.
Nourishing the nerves - specific medicines, Deborah Francis

Remedy differentials in Migraine, Paul Bergner

10 Cheap Or Free Self-Care Ideas To Stop Feeling Like Crap, Traci Picard

A New Look at an Old Devil, Paul Bergner - on coffee.
Caffeinism and anxiety, Paul Bergner
Treating coffee abuse, Paul Bergner

The Holy Basil: Tulsi, Rosalee de la Foret

Valerian, Rosalee de la Foret
Valerian trials, Jill Hoppe

Sedative Herbs, Paul Bergner (HerbTV)
The Skullcaps - A Scutellaria Monograph, 7Song
Passiflora: Passionflower, Paul Bergner
Blue Vervain - Verbena Hastata, 7Song
Lovely Linden, Rosalee de la Foret
Herb of the Week: Chamomile, Henriette Kress et al
Wood Betony, Jim McDonald

Herb of the Week: Hawthorn, Henriette Kress et al
Crataegus: Mental and emotional indications, Deborah Frances

On grief, Rebecca Altman

Kava Kava, Jim McDonald

Herb of the Week: St. John's Wort, Henriette Kress et al
Hypericum as an antidepressant, Paul Bergner
Efficacy and tolerability of Hypericum extract for the treatment of mild to moderate depression., Kasper S, Caraci F, Forti B, Drago F, Aguglia E. - worth comparing with this BMJ editorial on serotonin and depression.

Tanacetum: Feverfew for acute headaches: does it work?, Deborah Frances - w/ comments from Paul Bergner.

Panax: Indications and contraindications for ginseng and other 'chi tonics.', Michael Tierra
Panax: Short term effects, Paul Bergner
Panax: The ginseng abuse syndrome, Paul Bergner

Two Teas for Tense Times, Ryn Midura
Linden and Tulsi, Katja Swift
A Tea for Gracelessness, Katja Swift

Herbs for the In-Between, Rebecca Altman

Psychedelic Harm Reduction, MAPS
immune A Brief Overview Of The Biological Immune System, David Hoffmann
The Immune System And Its Specific Problems, David Hoffmann
A Phyto-Therapeutic Approach To The Immune System, David Hoffmann
Immunity, Holism And Phyto-Therapy, David Hoffmann
A General Approach To Infection, David Hoffmann
Immuno-Stimulation, Immuno-Modulation Or What?, David Hoffmann

Evolution of the immune system in humans from infancy to old age, Simon et al (Proceedings of the Royal Society B)
Missing link found between brain, immune system; major disease implications (ScienceDaily)

Plant allies for winter health, Guido Masé
Bitters - A Taste for Immunity, Guido Masé
Herbs for the Immune System, Juliet Blankespoor

The "Old Friends" Hypothesis, Lucas Tafur
Dirt: A Paleo superfood?, Chris Kresser

Herb of the week: Yarrow., Henriette Kress et al
Herb of the week: Thyme., Henriette Kress et al

Astragalus: A Supreme Protector, Rosalee de la Foret
Echinacea: Reclaiming this powerful plant, Rosalee de la Foret
Medicinal mushrooms: fitness for your immune system, Renee Davis
Medicinal Mushrooms - Highlights on a few favorites, Rosalee de la Foret
Ganoderma lucidum: Mushroom of Divinity, the Spiritual Heart & Host Defense, Renee Davis
Turkey Tail Mushrooms & The Antifragility of Immunity, Renee Davis

Elder, jim mcdonald
The Little Elder-Tree Mother, Hans Christian Andersen

Eupatorium: Clinical Correspondence and commentary, Sasha Daucus and Paul Bergner

The Lymphatic System, Rosalee de la Foret
A Primal Primer: Lymphatic Health, Mark Sisson

an alder post of my own, Traci Picard

Herbal antibiotic formulas, Paul Bergner, Cascade Anderson Geller, Wade Boyle
Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.
- Margaret Mead

We're born naked, and the rest is drag.
- RuPaul Charles

The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been.
- Madeleine L'Engle
children's health

herbs and kids

Herbs And Children, David Hoffmann
Liquid Extracts in Pediatric Practice, Aviva Romm
Pediatrics - Herbs for common pediatric conditions, Mary Bove
teething tincture..., jim mcdonald


ADHD: It's The Food, Stupid, Kristin Wartman
Study: Diet May Help ADHD Kids More Than Drugs (NPR)
Why French Kids Don't Have ADD, Marilyn Wedge (Psychology Today)
Diagnosing the Wrong Deficit, Vatsal Thakkar (NY Times)
ADHD and a sunny disposition, Paul Whiteley - regional solar intensity ratings and ADHD rates are negatively correlated. blue light and circadian rhythm disruptions.
Herbs, ADD, and replacing Ritalin, Henriette Kress
The benefits of Nature for children with ADD / ADHD, Guido Masé

parenting, education, perception

What babies learn before they're born, Annie Murphy Paul
The Dangers of 'Crying it Out', Darcia Narvaez (Psychology Today)
Women and children first, Eric Michael Johnson (Times Higher Education)
How to Talk to Little Girls, Lisa Bloom
I've started telling my daughters I'm beautiful, Amanda King
Raising Successful Children, Madeline Levine
A Nation of Wimps, Hara Estroff Marano (Psychology Today)
Freedom to Learn, Peter Gray - a nice blog on hunter-gatherer education and its differences from conventional modern education.

alignment & movement in childhood

Princess Feet, Darcy Geddes
"M" IS FOR MONKEYBARS: Getting Ready for Writing, Gill Connell / Cheryl McCarthy
The Seven Senses, Gill Connell / Cheryl McCarthy - actually, the whole Moving Smart blog is good!
Reading Readiness Has To Do With The Body, Laura Grace Weldon
Why so many kids can't sit still in school today, Angela Hanscom


Thoughts on Breastfeeding, Kathy Dettwyler
Herbs for Supporting Nursing Mothers, Lucinda Warner
Feeding Breastfeeding Moms To Promote Lactation, Karen Vaughan
Nursing Mothers, Infants and Vitamin D, Karen Vaughan
Homemade Baby Formula, Katja Swift

childhood illnesses

Earaches in kids., Henriette Kress
The Midnight Earache., Henriette Kress
Chronic childhood ear infections, Paul Bergner

effects of media

Facing the Screen Dilemma: Young Children, Technology and Early Education (Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood) [PDF]
Zero to Eight: Children's Media Use in America (Common Sense Media)
Popular TV Shows Teach Children Fame Is Most Important Value, Psychologists Report; Being Kind to Others Fell Dramatically in Importance Over 10 Years - ScienceDaily
Report Ties Children's Use of Media to Their Health, Brian Stelter (New York Times)
Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising's Image of Women (Trailer)
Disney Princesses and the Battle for Your Daughter's Soul, Jessica Bennett (NewsWeek)
just shut up., k.m. morrison
(oh, and one for adults too: Direct-to-consumer television advertising exposure, diagnosis with high cholesterol, and statin use., Niederdeppe J, Byrne S, Avery RJ, Cantor J. (J Gen Intern Med. 2013 Jul) - "exposure to statin ads increased the odds of being diagnosed with high cholesterol by 16 to 20 %, and increased statin use by 16 to 22 %, among both men and women (p<0.05). These associations were driven almost exclusively by men and women at low risk for future cardiac events.")


The Business of Being Born
reproductive Medicine's deadly gender gap, Anne Kingston
Being A Good Girl Can Be Hazardous To Your Health, Aviva Romm

CeMCOR - The Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research - lots of good resources here.
How Your Period Works, Katy Bowman

The use of botanical medicines to treat menstrual irregularities
Herbs and Dysmenorrhea, Paul Bergner
Premenstrual Syndrome, Chanchal Cabrera
Premenstrual Syndrome, Todd Caldecott
Paleo and Menstrual Cramps, Stefani Ruper
Herbs for cramps. and Quick fix: menstrual cramps., Henriette Kress - and also, Craving magnesium. aka "craving chocolate."

Anemia in Women, Todd Caldecott [video]

Holistic treatment of fibroids, Chanchal Cabrera
Herbs useful in the treatment of fibroids, Chanchal Cabrera
Impaired Immunity, Hormone Imbalance, and Inflammation: Endometriosis as the Standard American Diet Triple Threat, Stefani Ruper
PCOS: It's complicated., Traci Picard

The pill: myths and misconceptions, Kristen Braun
Menstrual Suppression vs. Continuous Use, ema [The Well-Timed Period]
Birth Control Pills: How They Work, Benefits, and Risks, Stefani Ruper
On the fertility awareness method, getting intimate with your cervix, and how long a sperm can set up camp in your vagina, Stefani Ruper
Taking Charge of Your Fertility - website of the book. see particularly their Common Fertility Myths.
Early Options - clinic in NYC provides aspiration abortion / menstrual extraction.

Paleo and Sex: How to Have a Ravenous and Kickass Female Libido, Stefani Ruper
Motherhood and Sex, Rache Fee-Prince
Somatics, Staphysagria, and Regaining Wholeness, Yael Grauer - see also Jim's comments to this entry.
What Does Sex-Positive Herbalism Look Like?, Traci Picard

conscious conception: foods for fertility, Jenny McGruther / Nourished Kitchen
Health begins in the womb - and even before, Chris Kresser
The little known (but crucial) difference between folate and folic acid, Chris Kresser - often folic acid is recommended for pregnant women, but folate from natural sources is better.
Mother & Child Are Linked At The Cellular Level, Laura Grace Weldon
Post-partum depression., Henriette Kress

Breast Health with Alternative Care, Karen Vaughan - see her complete list of Pregnancy and Fertility articles too.
Bra Free, Elizabeth R. Vaughan, M.D. - "We believe there are no known health benefits from wearing bras - but there are disturbing parallels between wearing bras and the incidence of fibrocystic disease and breast cancer."
Botanical therapies for Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Jill Stansbury
What If Everything Your Doctor Told You About Breast Cancer Was Wrong?, Christie Aschwanden (Mother Jones) - on mammography.

"Welcome to Costco, I love you.", Katy Bowman - on bone density screenings.
Osteoporosis Myth: The Dangers of High Bone Mineral Density, Sayer Ji
A Brief Note on Calcium and Bone density, Ryan Drum

Herbal Remedies for Menopause, Rosalee de la Foret
Phytoestrogens, Juliet Blankespoor
The Ecology of Estrogen in the Female Body, Juliet Blankespoor

Vitex not for PMS., Henriette Kress
SJW and the pill., Henriette Kress
Partridgeberry Materia Medica, Juliet Blankespoor
Plants in France: Lady's Mantle, Rosalee de la Foret
Our Lady's Mantle, Gail Faith Edwards
Caulophyllum: Cardiotoxic effects of Blue Cohosh on a fetus, Paul Bergner
Blue Cohosh ~ Caulophyllum thalictroides, Celia Linneman
Chamaelirium: Eclectic Materia Medica, Bloyer / Cook / Bergner (comments) - on false unicorn root.
Dioscorea: Wild yam and hormonal synthesis, Paul Bergner
Wild yam and female hormones, Paul Bergner
Zingiber: Is ginger safe during pregnancy?, Paul Bergner
Red Clover, Karen Vaughan
Herb of the Week: Angelica., Henriette Kress
Even Violets Need a Plan B, Juliet Blankespoor

Men's Cycles and Self-Reliance, Ryn Midura

Health and Wellness for Men, Guido Masé
Herbs and Men's Health: Some Notes and Thoughts, Ryan Drum

Herbs for Sex and Sexual Response, Karen Vaughan
Jim McDonald - Energetics of Aphrodisiacs, Part 1 and Part 2 (Free Herbalism Project)

Finesse in herbal prescribing, Chanchal Cabrera

Prostatitis, Todd Caldecott
Are there many false positives on the PSA test?, Otis Brawley (Chief Medical Officer, American Cancer Society) / CNN - on the unreliability of prostate-specific antibody test as a screening tool for prostate cancer.
Prostate Cancer Surgery Shows No Benefit For Many Men, Scott Hensley / NPR

Male Menopause: What's Behind Men's Midlife Health?, Mark Sisson

Male Infertility, Todd Caldecott
Twenty factors that affect male fertility, Karen Vaughan

Exercise and erectile dysfunction., Henriette Kress

Glycyrrhiza: Licorice root and testosterone, Paul Bergner
Serenoa: Eclectic materia medica for Saw Palmetto, Bloyer / Bergner (comments)
Willowherb, Fireweed, Henriette Kress

trans health

Competent Care for Transgender, GenderQueer and Non-Binary Folks - A Resource for Herbalists and other Practitioners Curated by Clinical Herbalists Vilde Chaya Fenster-Ehrlich and Larken Bunce
The Center of Excellence for Transgender Health, University of California San Francisco
Transgender Health Resources, Fenway Health
formulation Formulas vs. simples, Bergner / Upton / Weiss
The Action Formula, Lisa Ganora
Building A Formula - Selection Critera and Dosing Strategies, Chanchal Cabrera

Crafting Herbal Formulas for Individual Constitutions, 7Song [video]
Crafting Herbal Formulas for Individual Constitutions part II, 7Song [video]

Catalysts in Herbal Medicine, Guido Masé
Review of scientific evidence of medicinal convoy plants in traditional Persian medicine, Sadati et al (Pharmacognosy Review)
Herbal Formulation as a Swift Boat, Traci Picard

On Different Cross-Cultural Uses Of Shared Herbs, Karen Vaughan

What Herb Can I Use Instead of..., Rosalee de la Foret

Bad Formula Combinations, Michael Moore - addressing high tannin / high alkaloid plants that don't combine well together. Note there are many other types of problematic combinations!

William LeSassier 1948-2003: A Tribute to the Man and His Work, Matthew Wood - with brief discussion of LeSassier's more complicated system of formulation.
The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.

- John Muir

critical thinking

Rhetological Fallacies (Information is Beautiful)
Systems Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Personal Resilience, Richard Heinbergbr /> The Morning After, Katy Bowman
Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts, Jonathan Franzen
Screw Finding Your Passion, Mark Manson
Wendell Berry on Work, Wendell Berry (Utne Reader)
Navigating the supplement section at the health food store, Holly Torgerson
How To Read A Scientific Study (

ecology & environment

Mass Extinction: The Early Years, Ashley Dawson

The terrifying true story of the garbage that could kill the whole human race, Bucky McMahon
The Seas Will Save Us: How an Army of Ocean Farmers are Starting an Economic Revolution, Bren Smith


Understanding Evolution - Endosymbiosis: Lynn Margulis
Discover Magazine - Lynn Margulis interview

commercial herbalism

The Business of Botanicals, Ann Armbrecht
The Sustainable Herbs Program
Five Ways MLM is Giving Herbal Medicine a Bad Name, Melanie Pulla

conventional medicine & pharmaceuticals

Medical error - the third leading cause of death in the US, Martin A Makary & Michael Daniel (BMJ 2016;353:i2139)
A New, Evidence-based Estimate of Patient Harms Associated with Hospital Care, John James (Journal of Patient Safety) - 400,000+ deaths per year, 1/6th of the deaths in the US, from "preventable adverse events" - doctor errors - in hospitals. that should give it the #3 spot on the CDC's list of leading causes of death. and: "Serious harm seems to be 10- to 20-fold more common than lethal harm." - so that's another 4 to 8 MILLION "serious" but (not quite lethal!) injuries. this is a conservative estimate.
Patient Safety - Exploring Quality of Care in the U.S. (ProPublica)

Why Doctors Should Be More Empathetic - But Not Too Much More, Omar Sultan Haque
Why Therapists Should Talk Politics, Richard Brouillette
How Doctors Die, Ken Murray
The Bitter End, Sean Cole, Joseph Gallo, Ken Murray (RadioLab)
Doctors Tell All - And It's Bad, Meghan O'Rourke - on the troubles of practice at hyperspeed and the virtues of slow medicine.

Are Your Medications Safe?, Charles Seife - on the FDA's routine coverups of fraud in drug studies.
Research Misconduct Identified by the US Food and Drug Administration, Charles Seife (JAMA Intern Med) - "When the FDA finds significant departures from good clinical practice, those findings are seldom reflected in the peer-reviewed literature, even when there is evidence of data fabrication or other forms of research misconduct." that's _when_ they find misconduct. who wants to guess how often they don't catch it?
Evidence based medicine is broken, Des Spence (BMJ) - "[...] the drug industry and EBM have set about legitimising illegitimate diagnoses and then widening drug indications, and now doctors can prescribe a pill for every ill. The billion prescriptions a year in England in 2012, up 66% in one decade, do not reflect a true increased burden of illness nor an ageing population, just polypharmacy supposedly based on evidence. The drug industry's corporate mission is to make us all sick however well we feel." a friend commented: "funny how we keep pushing diagnoses the other way for Medicaid-- no you don't have high blood sugar until it's 135 because you are in the deep south and that would screw us over to set the bar at a legit number like in other states-- but of course when it is high enough, we have a pill for that. never mind that it destroys your liver."
Ben Goldacre: What doctors don't know about the drugs they prescribe - a TED talk on the ways medical and pharmaceutical research is buried, hidden, or just unpublished.
Big Pharma Plays Hide-the-Ball with Data, Ben Wolford [Newsweek]
Trial sans Error: How Pharma-Funded Research Cherry-Picks Positive Results [Excerpt], Ben Goldacre (Scientific American)
How Shoddy Statistics Found A Home In Sports Research, Christie Aschwanden & Mai Nguyen
When Evidence Says No, But Doctors Say Yes, David Epstein (ProPublica)
A Medical Test That's 90% Accurate Is Wrong 92% Of The Time - Here's Why, Tom Siegfried
Why Most Published Research Findings Are False, John Ioannidis (PLOS Medicine, 30.aug.2005)

Challenges in irreproducible research, Nature (June 2016)
There's No Such Thing As "Sound Science", Christie Aschwanden
Dollars for Docs - How Industry Money Reaches Physicians (ProPublica)

Drugs that Steal, Dr Ronald Hoffman - on the nutrient-depleting activities of major drug classes.

Pharmed Out

7 Reasons America's Mental Health Industry Is a Threat to Our Sanity, Bruce E. Levine

Overdose (ProPublica) - a series of articles on acetaminophen (Tylenol).
Statins and diabetes, Michael Eades
Statins stimulate atherosclerosis and heart failure: pharmacological mechanisms, Okuyama et al (Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology vol 8 iss 2, 2015)
Popular Antibiotics May Carry Serious Side Effects, Jane Brody

Cascade Anderson Geller

Cascade was an herbalist, activist, and teacher who passed away in 2013. she was a mentor to katja and an important influence in our practice and our teaching. here are some tributes to her life and work:

Dandelion, with Cascade Anderson Geller [YouTube video] if you have an Herbmentor login, you can find more videos of Cascade here.
Honoring Cascade Anderson Geller [Mountain Rose Blog] - with video
In honor of Cascade Anderson Geller, Ann Armbrecht
In Memory of Cascade Anderson Geller, Rosalee de la Foret
American Herbal Community Mourns Death of Cascade Anderson Geller, Lynda E. LeMole

Cascade primarily shared her wisdom in person, so the majority of her work that we have access to now is in the form of recordings. you can browse the list of her recordings for sale at Herbal Educational Services.

Christopher Hedley

Christopher was a UK herbalist who carried the torch for humoral medicine in Britain at a time when biomedical "phytotherapy" was ascendant, and held space for this tradition. Fortunately he was alive to see its revival in the US and UK, but he passed away in 2017.

Christopher Hedley collection at Henriette's Herbal Homepage