Arboretum All-Day Herb Walk

Saturday, May 23rd – Explore the Arnold Arboretum at a leisurely pace, getting to know some of the many medicinal herbs, trees, and weeds who live there.

Saturday, May 23rd
10:00am – 4:00pm
Arnold Arboretum: 125 Arborway, Boston MA 02130

Your Herb Walk Includes:

  • Plant Identification
  • Harvesting & Processing Information
  • Medicinal Applications

The Arnold Arboretum is an herbalist’s delight – and not just because the trees are labeled! It’s a great place to take an herb walk in Jamaica Plain. Come join us and learn to identify trees, shrubs, herbs, and – especially – “weeds”! Even if they’re not tagged, you can still know who’s growing in your city.

The ability to identify and use each of these plants was once commonplace to every man, woman, and child, but today most of us have lost that knowledge. Come reclaim what’s yours! By the end of this day, you’ll feel confident in your ability to identify the plants who grow here – and you’ll how know you can work with them!

Meet at the main gate to the Arnold Arboretum. That is the entrance on the Arborway, by the Hunnewell visitor’s center. Bring a picnic lunch, notebook, camera, & comfortable clothing – we’ll be outside all day!

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