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Katja Swift

Katja Swift from CommonWealth

Katja loves working with people in all phases of health, from children to elders, from chronic and autoimmune illness to simply building a healthier lifestyle.

Katja is not currently taking new clients.

Ryn Midura

Ryn Midura from CommonWealth

Ryn is not only an herbalist, but also a movement coach. He’s got a particular interest in helping people bring more movement into their health protocols and daily habits as an essential part of building resilient health.

Ryn currently focuses his work on adults. He also consults for pets! He is presently offering online consultations only.

Ray Lardie

Ray Lardie

Ray is dedicated to helping people learn to work with herbs and their bodies as partners, not enemies. They work from Western and Russian medicinal perspectives, tailoring their approach to fit whole-body, whole-life needs.

They work with people of all genders, but do not work with children at this time. They offer online consultations.

Alexandra Williams


Alexandra is an herbalist, artist, & producer living and working in Somerville, MA. Collaboration, empowering individuals to know themselves and their bodies, and supporting communities towards resilience are foundational to her practice. Working with plants as allies, her hope is to create positive shifts that spiral outward and contribute to the greater good. She is available for online consultations.

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