Boston on the Charles: Movement x Herbalism

Saturday, September 12th – Move like an animal, sit like a plant, live like a human.

Saturday, September 12th
10:00am – 4:00pm

This hybrid event unites our passion for herbalism with that for movement! We’ll move like animals, sit like plants, and live like humans.

Nature is everywhere, even in the city. Dozens of medicinal plants grow along the banks of the Charles River, and we’ve even seen deer grazing in wooded areas less than 20 yards away from Storrow Drive. You don’t need to travel to a remote location to be surrounded by wild life – you just need a little help seeing it.

For this day, we’ll move as a pack along the banks of the river. We’ll practice fundamental human movements like walking, crawling, climbing, and balancing in real-world environments. Natural terrain provides variability and adaptive challenges that a gym just isn’t built for. And we just might take over a playground or two, too. 🙂

As we move along the banks, we’ll encounter fresh young herbs and learn about their potential as food and medicine. Stillness is as important as movement, so we’ll take some time to sit with them and connect directly to the wisdom of the green world.

  • Herbalism:
    • Plant Identification
    • Practical Medicinal Applications
    • Nature Immersion
  • Movement:
    • Ground Movement – Crawling, Rolling, Get-ups
    • Locomotion – Walking & Running
    • Balancing, Lifting, Jumping, & More!

Bring water, a picnic lunch, notebook, camera, & comfortable clothing – we’ll be outside all day!

We will practice social distancing at this event. Don’t forget your mask!

Precise meeting location will be sent to participants upon registration.

This event will be cancelled if fewer than 5 people sign up.

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