Building Your Herbal Business

You’ve had a lot of herbal study and now you’re ready to embark on a business, but you’re realizing: building a business requires a whole different set of skills!

How can you turn your dreams into reality?
Join the Herbal Business Mentorship 9-month online program!

Our students have gone on to start their own private practices, they’ve built herb gardening, farming, and CSA businesses, they’re starting herbal and outdoor-focused schools for children, they’ve built herbal product companies and one even went on to create Herbstalk, Boston’s own very successful annual herbal conference and winter market! You can too!

Here are some of the businesses our Students and Graduates have built!

The key is, none of them did it alone. They had the benefit of mentors who had already gone through the process to show them the ropes. And they had a strong community supporting them and keeping them accountable to their goals.

set yourself up to succeed!

Our students succeed, year after year, and you can too! Join our Herbal Business Mentorship webinar program! Patterned directly on our successful in-person program, this mentorship will meet twice a month for 9 months. We’ll start off by setting one, three, and five-year goals, and then you’ll learn how to turn those goals into a practical, actionable, step-by-step project plan. You’ll also build your online presence, learn to market, figure out what kind of space and supplies you need, think about what sorts of paperwork needs to get done, and all the rest of the details that go along with starting your own business.
It may seem mountainous now, but we’ll break it down step by step till suddenly you’re at the top!

Here’s what some of our students have said about this course:

This program helped me visualize and make my business plan real so that I could achieve my dreams of helping others with their bodies, minds and spirits through the natural world. Katja offered so much needed advice, support and love while pushing me through my own fears, to make structure out of 30 plus years of dreaming and study. With her help I was able to organize and plan out exactly what I wanted to create.
Johanna Delaney, 2016

I felt supported but also held accountable, which was a huge thing for me! I was not only able to create and launch my website that I had been wanting to create for over a year, but they also gave my confidence the boost it needed to put myself out there and really go for what I wanted. I’m very grateful for all Katja, Ryn, and their program have done for me and my business!
Kylee Foote, 2016

Course Details

This mentorship program will take you through the whole process of setting up your business. Here are some of the topics we’ll be working with:

Setting and Refining Your Goals

“Organic” growth may be alright for a while, but it’s limited. You may have been working at your business for a couple years now in an “organic” way, and finding that it’s just not taking off. If you really want to get somewhere, you have to have a clear idea of what you’re building. PS: it can’t be the kitchen sink!

Creating a Project Plan

Once you’ve got your vision, you need to break it down into steps that you can actually achieve, with timeframes and accountability. A project plan is the best tool I’ve ever used to do this work realistically, and to have it be resilient to unforeseen interruptions. I’ve made project plans for big companies (in my much younger life, I was a Project Manager in a large software company), I’ve helped people make them for their own businesses, and I make them every year to continue the growth of our own School and Clinic! It’s a fantastically scalable tool that keeps your plans realistic and achievable, and builds in accountability!

Mentorship for Your Milestones

Some milestones are common across any kind of business: you’re going to need a website and other marketing materials. You’re going to need a mailing list. You’re going to need a space to do your business in.
Others may be more specific to your particular goals: do you need insurance? What kind of value give-aways should you use to help people get to know your business? What things should you do yourself, and which things are you better off outsourcing? (Is there even anything you can outsource? Yes! You don’t have to do everything yourself!)

Disaster Recovery

Life happens, and things get off-schedule. Mentorship gives you the guidance to build a plan that is resilient when things go askew, AND helps you recover and get back on track if something starts to threaten your success. It’s normal for things to get rattled sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that your dreams are ruined! It just means you need someone to help dust yourself off and get back on the horse! And in particular, it’s important to identify things that are coming up as blocks so that you can remove them entirely! If you have a mentor and a community where you can talk about what things keep pushing you off your schedule – whether that’s trying to juggle starting a business and childcare or struggling with fear and negative self talk, or anything in between – you will be able to find a way to defeat those things and move past them for good!

Marketing Made… A Lot Easier!

Most people don’t love marketing. Often it feels like a mysterious distraction that eats time away from “the real work”. But it’s absolutely necessary – otherwise, how will people find you? Even if you’re planning to depend on word of mouth, that is actually a form of marketing and it only works if you make it work intentionally. Learn what marketing strategies are most appropriate for what you’re building, where to invest (and what to avoid), and how to automate as much as possible so that marketing doesn’t take more time than it should!

Administrative Details

Do you need an accountant? A lawyer? Should you incorporate? What does that even mean? How will you pay taxes? Especially for us holistic types, these kinds of questions are often the last thing we think about, and sometimes they’re downright anathema to our personal philosophies. Take it from me, you actually do have to think about it, and failure to do so can cost you a lot. But if you know the points at which you need to take various administrative steps, you can actually save a lot of money!

And, Most Importantly, Don’t Go Into Debt !

We feel very strongly that if you are not in debt, you are free. Although there will be expenses as you start your business (for example, registering your website or getting an office space), we advise students to never take any loans for their businesses. There are always creative ways to get what you need, and we’ve tried most of them so we have a very long suggestion list! Of course you’re welcome to get a business loan if you’d like, but that will not be a recommendation at any point in this program.
Instead we will cover how to work with the budget you have. We’ll also talk about effective strategies for cutting loose from your day job without hanging yourself out without a net!

This course assumes that you already have the herbal skills that you need to start your business and will NOT include any herbal training, though we do have lots of other classes, courses, and online programs for that!

great herbal products are just the start: mentorship will help you make your dreams real!

This course is not a guarantee that your business will succeed, and it’s important to point out that being self-employed is a lot of work. But you won’t ever know what you can do until you try – and you can be more successful if you have the right support!


  • sufficient herbal training to do the work you want to do, whether that’s farming, teaching, producing, consulting, or any other dream you have in mind.
  • basic computer skills, such as spreadsheets and word processing, and a reasonable comfort level with online tasks.
  • a willingness to stretch your boundaries!

Class size is limited to 20 participants so that everyone gets personal attention.

Class Schedule and Format

Classes will take place two Mondays a month from 8-10pm, Eastern Time; a complete schedule is below:
Although classes will be recorded, it is ideal for you to plan to attend each session in person. There will be several opportunities for activities outside of class time, for example, small group meetings for folks starting similar businesses.

In addition to our time together online, there will be a forum dedicated to this program where you can upload work you’d like to have reviewed, ask questions, and get community support.

April 3rd and 17th
May 1st and 15th
June 5th and 19th
July 10th and 31st
August 7th and 21st
September 11th and 25th
October 16th and 30th
November 6th and 20th
December 4th and 11th

Tuition and Registration

Tuition for this program is $500.

Register for the Herbal Business Mentorship program here!


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