Live Business Mentorship Registration

I’m so excited to start your herbal business with you!

The Live Business Mentorship starts every year in late January, but you can register for the next group at any time.

This page has all the information you’ll need to apply. Please read all of it, and answer the questions below.

The Live Business Mentorship is a companion to the Herbal Business Program. You will need BOTH. The Live Business Mentorship hosts all of our live sessions, and the Herbal Business Program course has all of the actual course materials.

Katja, why are there two parts for this mentorship?
There are two parts because people were interested in starting on the course materials early so that they didn’t have to wait until January every year for the next group to start. Breaking the material itself into its own course allows people to review the course material anytime they want, while they’re waiting for the next mentorship group to start.

You can think of the Herbal Business Program like it’s the “textbook” for the Live Business Mentorship.

The cost of this mentorship is 9 payments of $150 or one payment of $1300.
The cost of the Herbal Business Program is 5 payments of $200 or one payment of $900.

The total for both is $2200/$2350, depending on which payment plan you choose. This is drastically less than you would pay if you hired coaches to help you with each aspect of your business. (Tuition does not include your actual business expenses, ie, a computer, an office space, etc.)

You can take the Herbal Business Program without the Live Mentorship if you prefer.

Required Materials List

In order to start your business, there are some things you will need. Some of these things we’ll find together – like a business space or a commercial kitchen, or the best scheduling software for your needs, etc. You don’t need to worry about those things right now.

Here are the things you’ll need before we start:

An up to date computer.

You’ll need a computer that is reasonably new, reasonably fast, and reliable. You don’t have to own this computer – it’s ok if you borrow it, as long as you have access to it whenever you need it. You need to be able to stream video, so you’ll also need a stable internet connection.

If you are not comfortable with technology, you might prefer a Mac.

Why is this important? Because we’ll be relying on your computer to get your website going, to do all your administrative work, to build your ad campaigns, etc. Plus, we’ll be meeting every other week by video conference – so you’ll need it then too!

An up to date smartphone.

You’ll need a smartphone that has a good camera and reasonable available storage. If your smartphone is already maxed out on storage, either clear up storage before we get started or upgrade. You should have a phone that doesn’t have a cracked screen and that is reliable.

Why is this important? Because a lot of our marketing and online work will require photos – like, photos every day! Plus we’ll be using the phone to edit photos and short videos too – if the screen is cracked or if you don’t have enough storage, this is a really difficult task!

The Herbal Business Program.

The Herbal Business Program is the companion to this mentorship – all of the course materials are housed there. You can think of it like our “textbook”. This course will give you access to all of our live work together, and that course will give you access to all of the learning materials that we’ll be working with to get all the work done. All of the step-by-step instructions, documents, videos, and more are there for you!

If you haven’t already, enroll in the Herbal Business Program here so that you have access to the course materials for this mentorship.

Funding for your Business.

We do not recommend that you take a loan to start your business – if we can avoid the debt, you are much freer! So we teach you ways to keep your business expenses to a minimum. Still, there are things you will need to fund: registering your business, buying your website domain, buying your first round of ingredients for your products or getting your office space settled, etc. You should plan somewhere between $1,000 and $5,000 to get things going – $1,000 should suffice if your business is mostly web-based and you don’t need a physical location. If you do need a physical location, you’ll need more because of rent and insurance.

In order to apply for the live business mentorship, please send me an email with the following information so that i can organize the small groups and plan our time together.

The size of the mentorship group(s) is limited and i cannot guarantee you a spot in the program.

The program is currently open to all women.

Pro-tip: you don’t have to write anything “impressive” – you are already amazing and impressive! I just want to get a feel for everyone’s personality and background so that i create groups that have a good, supportive mix. So just write your answers like you would write to a friend and a peer – as businesswomen together, that’s what we’re going to be!

1. Are you planning a products business, a clinical practice, or something else? Tell me a little bit about the business you want to start or are developing. What are your goals and what motivates you?

2. What herbal training have you had? If you are planning a clinical practice, are you planning to apply to be recognized as a Registered Herbalist, and if so, do you need help with that? Do you already meet the criteria for application? If you are planning a products business, are you already recognized as an Associate Herbalist with the AHG? If not, how far are you along in meeting the criteria for that recognition?

You can find our educational recommendations for different business types here:

education we recommend for a products business or opening an herb shop

education we recommend for starting a clinical practice

If you have any questions about this part, just include them in your reply – i’m happy to help!

3. Tell me a little bit about the influences (herbal and otherwise!) that you will be bringing into your business. It doesn’t have to be a novel! I just want to get to know a little bit about you and the style of work you want to do.

4. If you are planning a products business, do you already know what products you want to sell? Do you already have your formulas planned out, and have you tested your product out with your friends? Are you proud of the products you want to sell? Tell me about them, and your current process for making them. (you don’t have to share your recipe!)

5. This mentorship has a code of conduct that you will be asked to agree to. You can find it below – please read it and let me know that you like it!

6. Do you have the materials required for this program (see above)?

7. Just double checking: this mentorship is currently open to all women.

Code of Conduct

Community, not Competition

We want to create a community of support, where everyone feels it’s safe to share ideas, struggles, and successes.
In order to facilitate that, i want to start everything off with the following agreement:

I agree that this is a safe space to share ideas, including intellectual property. In order to keep this space safe for that, I agree that I will not steal/copy/replicate anyone else’s work. 

If someone does something that I would like to imitate, I agree that I will approach them about it and ask if there is an appropriate way that I can incorporate their idea, compensate them for their idea, collaborate on their idea, etc. If they do not agree, I will respect that. 

I understand that I can be inspired by the ideas and works of others, and incorporate that inspiration into my own work and in my own style without copying what others have done.

I understand that the materials provided in this course are also protected work: if i want to help someone else start a business, i will not give them the materials from this mentorship, but instead i will recommend the mentorship to them, or give them advice from my own experience.

I recognize that there are a lot of people in the world, and that we don’t all “speak the same language”. There is absolutely room for lots of people to be doing the same type of work, because everyone does that work in their own “language” and with a different style, and the people who are our customers and clients want to receive that work with differing styles as well. Because of this, i recognize that i am not competing against other herbalists, but that we exist in a supportive community thriving together.

The more that the public knows about herbalism in general, the more that we will build growing communities who will support our work. The more that people are doing similar types of work in different types of ways, the more accessible we make herbalism to all different types of communities. (And the more the public knows about herbalism, the more we are responsible to protect and be good stewards of the plants, too!)

I agree that when we see this work as non-zero-sum*, we can recognize that we can lift each other up and by doing so, we are creating opportunity for ourselves as well! We are building community, not competition.

*non-zero-sum means that there is not one winner and everyone else loses. instead, there can be many winners, and the “game” can be played in such a way that everyone collaborates for the best outcome for all. another way to think about this is that there are many needs, and many ways to fill those needs – therefore there are many ways for us all to succeed together. we do not need to compete for “scarce resources” at the expense of others – in fact, resources might not actually be scarce!

I acknowledge that as an unregulated profession, herbalists have an extra responsibility to practice excellence. I will stay within my scope of practice and i will work from my own experience – which is the responsible way to have an herbal business, but also it makes smart business sense: when i work from my personal experience and within my scope of practice, my work carries more value and authority than if i am just copying something from a book (for example).

I understand that laws vary by state/country, and that i am personally responsible for making sure that i am following all of the laws relevant to where my business is located. In this course, there is ample information about legal considerations, but i understand that laws may change over time, or may simply be different where i am – i will make sure that i am in compliance with any legal requirements for my business.


Before we start, i want to be very clear that this mentorship is based on anti-racist, progressive ideals. Racism, bigotry, misogyny, and anti-LGBT+ism have no space here.

Program Access

Your access to all of the resource materials does not expire. You will be able to access all of the worksheets, videos, and resources even after you complete the program. When updates are made, they will show up in your account automatically!


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