Clinical Roundtable

After completing the Advanced Studies Program and the exam, you will be ready to begin seeing clients by yourself, with the support of our Clinical Roundtable Program, which gives you the mentorship and support you need to be a successful practitioner, or to succeed in other herbal pursuits.

This program meets two Monday evenings a month, 7pm – 9pm eastern time, by live web conference, so that we can all share regardless of location!

Students should try to see a minimum of two clients each month. You’ll write up case reports for each client you see, and submit them for review and discussion. During each roundtable session, we’ll discuss each student client, and make sure that any questions about that case are answered. In this way you can begin to establish your own client base, while still receiving guidance and support from our faculty. Plus, you’ll gain insight into all of the cases your classmates present – multiplying your clinical experience manyfold! In addition, we believe that each student has the ability to teach and offer guidance: the Clinical Rotations Program is a chance to strengthen your community of support, building ties that will continue long into the future. We encourage all students to review and comment on all cases as well, because everyone has unique experience to offer, and thinking about how you would proceed with each case you encounter enhances your training.

Local students in this program are given the opportunity to schedule private client visits in our space, using our consultation room and apothecary. We schedule this using a shared online calendar; time slots in the clinic are first come, first served. If you prefer, or if you are not local, you can also meet with clients in your home or elsewhere.

Clinical Roundtable is open to students who have completed the Advanced Studies Program and performed well on the exam, and student from other schools who have completed their training and are beginning to see clients.

The 2018 Clinical Roundtable dates are as follows:
January 22nd
February 5th, 19th
March 5th, 19th
April 2nd, 16th, 30th
May 14th
June 4th, 18th
July 9th, 23rd
August 6th, 20th
September 17th
October 1st, 15th, 29th

Tuition for this program is $900. To register, please contact us directly at