Emergent Responder

kits in a tentThe Human Path and the CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism are teaming up to provide an amazing one-year Emergent Responder program, which will prepare you to take charge in an emergency situation. This program takes your first aid and herbal skills far beyond Wilderness (Herbal) First Responder, and provides the administrative and organizational skills to set up a longer term clinic, emergency community center, or operations center for a complete team of aid workers.

In addition, we’ll cover communication skills, security strategies, small group tactics, and more, so that you’re prepared to cover all the bases when disaster hits.

The program includes over 120 hours of online and on-site instruction, combined with nearly the same amount of co-requisite hours (also online and on-site).

The goal of this course is to give students the ability to function fluently both inside the system of US-based post-disaster response, as well as the ability to function completely beyond that system, in austere or remote situations.

Online Modules include:

Clinic Setup and Management
Interdepartmental Affairs
Community Center
Resourcing and Resource Management
Canvassing/Mobile Teams/Dispatch
Security and Intelligence
Engineering for Sustainability
Prep for Transport
Death Support
Post Disaster Epidemiology
Advanced Bandaging and Splinting
Long-term Wound Management
Pain Management
Ambulatory Care and Chronic Illness
Emergency Psychiatric Care
Infectious Diseases
Emergency Birth and Pregnancy Support
Children’s Health
Elder Support
Emergency and Post-Disaster Nutrition
Environmental Injuries and Care
Bugs and Parasites

This course is taught in a low-residency format: there are three 12-week trimesters with weekly classes delivered by webinar and homework is submitted via student forums. Classes are live on Mondays from 8-10pm eastern time, or by recording at any time convenient for you!

There will be several residency week options in various locations across the country and internationally where you can practice your skills, including post disaster scenarios, clinical weeks, and more!

There are several co-requisites rounding out this program:

– FEMA and CERT courses – both are free and will be specified and reviewed during the course. FEMA courses can be done online, the CERT can be done locally or at our school.
– HAM technicians license and THP introduction to radio and communications class
– The Core Basic


– Either The Herbal Medic Basic online (or equivalent herbal training from another school) PLUS the 3-day Wilderness Herbal First Aid certification course, offered in various locations across the country.


– The 10-Day Wilderness Herbal First Responder, offered in various locations across the country.

There are also other elective opportunities to deepen and broaden your training!

For more information and to register, contact Suchil Coffman at suchil@thehumanpath.com


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