Family Herbalism Intensive

Do you want to feel the independence that comes with knowing how to handle common health issues?
Are you drawn to care for yourself and your community in sustainable ways?

Join us for this 5-day Family Herbalism intensive program to build your herbal skills!

In this program, we’ll be covering some of the most common ailments – such as heartburn, eczema, colds and flu, and more! Each day we’ll spend time learning about the causes and effects of common complaints, as well as how to speed recovery and even how to prevent them. We’ll cover specific herbs and preparations for each scenario, so that you feel totally prepared. You’ll receive a binder of handouts covering everything you learned as well!

Schedule & Location

This program takes place Monday through Friday, August 28th – September 1st.
We’ll meet at 10am each day at our school space at 25 St. Mary’s Court in Brookline. The morning session will be broken into two parts: lecture and discussion and hands-on learning. After lunch we’ll have a second session with lecture and hands-on learning, and we’ll wrap up each day at 5pm.

There is a Whole Foods right next to our school, as well as various restaurants, and there are picnic tables outside where we can enjoy lunch together if it is sunny. We also have kitchen facilities in our space, if the weather is uncooperative or if you’d like to make your own lunch.

Course Information

In the Family Herbalism intensive, we’ll be learning about common ailments that come up in most people’s lives – things like PMS, stress management, sleeping problems, first aid, and much more! We’ll talk about resolving these issues at the root, as well as herbs that will get you feeling better fast!

In our hands-on segments each day, we’ll be learning great herbal recipes and formulas that you can use for specific issues – we’ll talk about each herb in the formula and how it works. Then we’ll make each formula together so that you know exactly how it’s done!

We’ll meet from 10am until 5pm each day, and we’ll alternate between lecture segments and hands-on segments, so that you have time to learn things and then try them out! During lunch, we’ll be available for questions and deeper discussion.

There will be two teachers each day as well as an intern, so you will have plenty of opportunity to ask all your questions and make sure you are ready to use this information in your daily life!

Cost and Registration

The cost for this program is $500.


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