Herbal Oracle and Study Cards

herbal card deckThis set has 45 cards with beautiful photographs to help you identify each plant. On the back there’s a short paragraph to help you learn both the medicinal aspects of the plants and the emotional and spiritual aspects. Our emotions and our spirits are here in our bodies, so when we say, for example, that Marshmallow has a soothing and softening action physiologically, it is not particularly surprising that Marshmallow can have these effects emotionally as well!

st-johnswort cardI like to use these cards instead of traditional tarot cards, because they help me connect directly with the plants as I consider my situation and try to make good decisions. Most commonly, I like a quick three card spread:
The first card is the root of the issue I am considering – how did it happen? How did I come to this situation?
The second is the stem and the leaves: what do I need to know now in the present? Or, how am I affecting the situation right now?
The third card is the flower and seeds: what action should I take moving into the future? How should I behave, or what things should I consider as I move forward?

fabric bagsYou can use them with any traditional oracle or tarot layout you like, or simply draw one every day as a personal meditation plant!

And of course, if you just want to study your plant identification, these cards will help you with that, too 🙂

Each deck comes in a lovely hand-sewn bag – make sure to specify which pattern you like best!

yes! ryn and i took the pictures, with a little help from one of our students. and my mom and i sewed the bags (and ryn put the ribbons in!)

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