Herbs for Stress

Passion Flower (Passiflora Incarnata) aka Maypop by Robert D Bruce, on Flickr

Passionflower’s carousel blooms ease the circular thinking pattern which plagues the overworked.

As if it weren’t already bad enough on its own, stress makes us more susceptible to illness. When the mind and emotions are disturbed or overtaxed, the body is less able to fight off infection and manage the repair and rejuvenation of its cells. Living with chronic stress is more of a threat to good health than riding the T in flu season!

In this class we’ll focus on two major categories of herbs for stress: the relaxant, calming nervines and the endurance-building, restorative adaptogens. These natural remedies can very effectively manage and reduce stress, whatever its source. Boosting natural immunity, building stamina, and developing more balanced reactions to stressful events can all be accomplished with the aid of herbal allies. Even panic and anxiety can be effectively controlled with herbs – and without side effects!

Don’t let stress control your life! Come learn safe, holistic strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety!

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015
7:00pm – 9:00pm
25 St. Mary’s Court, Brookline

The fee for this class is $20.

RSVP by filling out our contact form, emailing us at info@commonwealthherbs.com, or calling 617-750-5274.

This event took place in the past. Interested in a re-run? Let us know!