The Late Summer Forest: An Herbal Adventure

Saturday & Sunday, August 22nd & 23rd – Come move, learn, play, and explore the forest with us at the tail end of summer.

Saturday & Sunday, August 22nd & 23rd
Arrival 10:00am Saturday
Departure 3:00pm Sunday
Royalston, MA

Your Adventure Includes:

  • 4 Meals & Snacks – gluten-free & dairy-free, local organic, and homemade!
  • Camping – as minimal or glampy as you like
  • Forest Movement Skills – MovNat Instruction & Adventures
  • Herbal Medicine – Plant ID & Practical Applications

☀️ Summer is fading, but not gone yet! Join us in the forest to appreciate the long days and pleasant nights, enjoying the abundance of nature as harvest time nears the horizon.

🌳 As we move through the woods and meadow, we’ll encounter a great abundance of wild herbs and learn about their potential as food and medicine. We’ll gather some and make “forest tea” to share.

🤸 Ryn will teach you some foundational movement skills that will translate quickly into feeling more confident and capable. Jump, balance, climb, and crawl with ease through the complex terrain of the forest, field, and stream.

🧘 You’ll have plenty of time to move, but also lots of chances to rest, nourish, and reset. There will be opportunities to connect and meditate in nature. Feel free to go for a cold-water plunge in the brook!

🔥 As the sun sets we’ll gather around the campfire to share stories and experiences.

Only 10 spots available!

All bodies are welcome! Come as you are!

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