Clinical Mentorship

Katja and Ryn have been very influential teachers for me as I navigate my herbal path. I credit them for giving me the confidence and strong foundation I needed to start my herbal practice, and for pushing me to grow in ways I wouldn’t have expected. They are teachers who are deeply devoted to their students, their clients, and to the plants themselves. I am very grateful for all I’ve learned from Katja and Ryn and often refer back to the invaluable lessons and resources I gained from studying with them.

Steph Zabel

~ Steph Z., 2013 Clinical Mentorship graduate
founder of Herbstalk & proprietor at Flowerfolk Herbal Apothecary

2016-09-17 10.47.23 ryn in consultation

Provide clinical services for clients with mentorship and support from our faculty.

After completing the Clinical Herbalist program and the exam, you will be ready to begin seeing clients by yourself. In our herbalism Clinical Mentorship, you'll have the guidance and support you need to be a successful practitioner, or to succeed in other herbal pursuits.

This program meets two Wednesday evenings a month, 7pm - 9pm eastern time, by live web conference, so that we can all share regardless of location!

Students are expected to see a minimum of two clients each month. You'll write up case reports for each client you see, and submit them for review and discussion. During each herbal roundtable session, we'll discuss each student client, and make sure that any questions about that case are answered. In this way you can begin to establish your own client base, while still receiving guidance and support from our faculty. Plus, you'll gain insight into all of the cases your classmates present - multiplying your clinical herbalism experience manyfold!

In addition, we believe that each student has the ability to teach and offer guidance: the Clinical Mentorship is a chance to strengthen your community of support, building ties that will continue long into the future. We encourage all students to review and comment on all cases as well, because everyone has unique experience to offer, and thinking about how you would proceed with each case you encounter enhances your training.

During the mentorship, we will also assist you in preparing your application to be recognized as a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalists' Guild, if you would like.

Clinical Mentorship is open to students who have completed the Clinical Herbalist program and performed well on the exam.

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