Make An Herbal First Aid Kit

Achillea millefolium YARROW

Yarrow, once known as woundwort, can help stop bleeding and disinfect cuts.

Herbal medicine was the original first aid. Herbs are extremely safe and effective for all of life’s little injuries, but their usefulness isn’t restricted to playground bumps & scrapes. In a remote wilderness situation or a post-disaster environment, when conventional medicine is out of reach, knowing how to work with the medicinal plants that grow in your area could mean the difference between life and death.

Come join us and learn how to make your own antiseptic herbal wound wash, drawing powder, healing salve, sprain & strain liniment, and other herbal preparations to pack in your first aid kit. We’ll also talk about how to identify common local plants you can use to stop bleeding, speed wound healing, drain a spider bite, soothe a poison ivy rash, and more!

We’ll show you how to match them up with a few first aid items like gauzes, wound dressings, and wraps – and talk about improvised alternatives for when the pharmacy is a mountain away, or flooded & looted. So whether you’re hitting the trail or preparing for the zombie apocalypse, we’ve got you covered. It’s easy, it’s cost-effective, it’s fun, and it’s sustainable. You can make up a kit that’s exactly what your family needs for the whole summer in just an hour or two!

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015
7:00 – 9:00pm
25 St. Mary’s Court, Brookline

The fee for this class is $25.

Register for class by filling out our contact form, emailing us at, or calling 617-750-5274.

This class took place in the past. Interested in a re-run? Let us know!


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