Materia Medica Intensive

This class already happened, but if you missed it, you can do it online! Check out the Materia Medica online program!

Materia Medica is the way herbalists refer to their “dictionary” or “tool box” of plants. It is, literally, the “medicinal materials” – herbal allies ready to assist in times of need!

Are you ready to build a solid foundation with herbs?
Do you want to feel confident with a whole toolbox full of herbs that you can turn to in lots of different situations?

Join us for the Materia Medica 5-day intensive program to build your herbal skills!

In this program, we’ll be covering 50 common medicinal herbs. Each day we’ll spend time learning about the plants, tasting them, and learning hands-on how to make all the different types of herbal preparations. Weather permitting, we’ll also head outside to see them growing. You’ll receive a binder of handouts covering everything you learned as well!

Schedule & Location

This program takes place Monday through Friday, June 26th – 30th.
We’ll meet at 10am each day at our school space at 25 St. Mary’s Court in Brookline. The morning session will be broken into two parts: lecture and discussion, and hands-on learning. After lunch we’ll have a second session with lecture and hands-on learning, and we’ll wrap up each day at 5pm.

There is a Whole Foods right next to our school, as well as various restaurants, and there are picnic tables outside where we can enjoy lunch together if it is sunny. We also have kitchen facilities in our space, if the weather is uncooperative or if you’d like to make your own lunch.

Course Information

Each day, we’ll meet from 10am until 5pm. We’ll alternate between lecture segments and hands-on segments, so that you have time to learn things and then try them out! During lunch, we’ll be available for questions and deeper discussion.

There will be two teachers each day as well as an intern, so you will have plenty of opportunity to ask all your questions and make sure you are ready to use this information in your daily life!

What information will be covered? Each day we’ll have segments on specific herbs – for example, Chamomile, one of my favorites! We’ll talk about how and where each plant grows, and what properties each plant has. Understanding the properties helps us understand how we can apply that herb across many different situations – so you don’t just have to memorize a big list of things! We will talk about many of the specific applications of each plant, but because you’ll first understand the general properties and actions of each plant, you’ll be able to apply each herb in lots of different types of situations!

Each day we’ll also have segments on how to make each type of herbal remedy. You’ll learn hands on how to make maceration and percolation tinctures, salves, liniments, syrups, lotions, oxymels (herbs in honey and vinegar), herb-infused honey, and more! Plus, we’ll talk about the appropriate time to use each type of remedy.

Learning lots of specifics about each herb, plus the general properties and actions, as well as how to turn all that into a remedy appropriate for the situation you’re dealing with, will give you the knowledge and confidence to work with herbs in your everyday life!

Also be sure to check out the Family Herbalism intensive that takes place August 28 – September 1. These intensives can be taken individually, but together they will give you a solid foundation to feel confident working both with herbs and with common health complaints!

Cost and Registration

The cost for this program is $500.

This intensive took place in the past. Interested in a re-run? Let us know!


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