Holistic Business Coaching

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You can't go it alone.

In order to really grow your business,

you've got to have a community of support.

You've got all the pieces of your business up and running, but that doesn't mean the work is done. Joining a coaching group keeps you accountable, provides you with community support, gives you a team to help remove roadblocks, and keeps you focused on your goals so your business can grow!

Let's grow your business together!

What does Holistic Business Coaching offer?

Imagine meeting up with a small group of people to talk about the issues you're having so that you don't have to just stare at it alone.

Imagine looking at problems and wishing someone would just tell you how to fix it - and then someone does!

Imagine having someone to keep you focused on growth, even on the days when you feel like you can't find your way up.

Imagine having someone giving you direction, helping you know for sure what you need to focus on and what you can let slide for a while...


Holistic Business Coaching is like having a safety net.

The hardest part about being in business is being alone. So don't be!

Can't figure out a problem on your website? Let's fix it together!

Don't know what you should charge for your new offering? Let's figure it out together!

Feeling uncertain about your marketing strategy? Let's build it together!

Whatever is blocking your path forward, it's easier to move when you've got help.


How much does it usually cost to hire a business coach?

Business coaching is usually out of reach for small businesses starting out - packages range from $300 - $500 per month and more (with a 3- or 6- month contract, pre-paid), and they typically only work with you on one facet of your business. Check out the two examples below: the less expensive package is a person brand new in the business, the more expensive is a person with much more experience.


$375/month with a 3 month minimum contract, pre-paid:

Goal: Reviewing your work and providing helpful feedback on how to align with the goals of your website and best practices.

  • Weekly hour-long meetings to discuss your project
  • Support for publishing web documents or emails
  • Shared notes file from meetings
  • 1 hour of publishing support each month



$500/month with a minimum 6-month contract, pre-paid:

Goal: Guidance on your email marketing and business goals

  • 2 hour-long meetings monthly
  • Weekly group Q&A session
  • Email templates and examples to get you started
  • Weekly assignments to keep you on track

Our Holistic Business Coaching program offers Sliding Scale pricing!

Since the standard industry pricing may not be reasonable for Herbalists growing their businesses without going into debt, we're providing this program with sliding scale tuition.

You can start off at $100/month, which is the same as the Business Mentorship Program,
and scale anywhere up to $500/per month as you are ready.


Here's what we offer at any price in that scale:


Goal: *Holistic* support means working on whatever you need to succeed -
we're not limited to just one aspect of your business!


  • Twice-monthly group meetings.
    These sessions will be similar to, but far more personalized than, the first year Business Mentorship. Group size is capped at 6 participants. Because the group size is small, although there will be an agenda for each meeting, it will be set at the beginning of each quarter based specifically on what each person is working on. These meetings will be at least two hours each, to give us time to fully discuss each person's projects.
  • Quarterly goal setting and project planning.
  • New product and project development.
  • Individual project reviews with written feedback.
  • Accountability - both through group meetings and through assigned buddy check-ins.
    Because doing what you set out to do is the #1 determinant of success, in this program, we're leveling up our accountability game!
  • Expanded depth and breadth of marketing strategy, complete with hand-holding!

And when you slide your scale up to $250/month, you will also receive a 90-minute one-on-one session with Katja each month! We can use this time for anything from cooperatively editing your website or marketing materials in real time, writing materials for your new offerings, we can even work on videos together! (If you're local to Boston, we can also use this time in-person for photography/videography.)


When you slide your scale up to $400/month or more, you'll receive a weekly 60-minute one-on-one session with Katja to work on anything you need to get done! Is your website bothering you? Let's fix it. Can't write your newsletter? Let's write it. I'll even type 🙂 Whatever you need, we'll get it done!


We believe in starting small and sharing the wealth. We believe your business is stronger if you're not in debt.
We believe that people will find the funds to do what they really want to do,
but we don't believe in taking advantage of that!

Want to join? Just send us an email with the form below to get the conversation started!

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Do you have a question about a program?

If you want help choosing a program, feel free to contact us at any time. We'd love to hear more about your journey, learning goals, and whether or not our programs would be a good fit.


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