Herbal Education

Katja leading an herb walk

Our 9-month herbal medicine apprenticeship program is a complete course in practical herbalism for beginning and intermediate students. Classes meet one long weekend a month from March to November.

We also offer a rigorous advanced training program and clinical roundtable program for those interested in pursuing herbalism as a profession, as well as an herbal business mentorship program, to help you get your business or practice off the ground!

We believe that all learning is experiential, so in addition to classroom work, we spend plenty of time outdoors, in clinical settings, and in the kitchen!


For those on the go, or who don’t live in the Boston area, we offer a complete online program, too!

You can also find our weekly podcast, our YouTube channel, and a lot of other great free learning resources on our Resources page.

Take a look at our past events archive to see some of the classes we’ve run in the past. We’re always happy to re-run old classes (and we always update our handouts and notes as we go), so just contact us if you’d like to see one of these again!