Community Herbalist Hybrid Application

Complete this form to apply to our Community Herbalist Hybrid program.

About You

What draws you to study with us? Do you have any experience using or studying herbs? What are your goals for this program?


Do you feel positive you can commit to the class schedule?

This program meets Saturday & Sunday from 10:00am - 5:00pm, one weekend per month, March - November.

Can we rely on you to make a full effort to attend every class, and complete the apprenticeship once you've begun?

Additionally, do you have the time in your schedule to commit to weekly study, including completing homework assignments, readings, herbal medicine-making projects, and so on? We estimate this should amount to 5-7 hours each week, separate from the in-class time we spend together.


There are many different styles of learning - tell us a little bit about your preferred methods. This program includes lecture, hands-on work, group activities, online forum discussions, online and book reading assignments, listening to recordings, and self-directed study.


Do you have the financial stability required to commit to paying the full tuition in a timely manner?

Do you have additional adequate resources for acquiring course materials - e.g., books from the recommended reading list, herbs and medicine-making ingredients & tools, etc. We estimate this should amount to $25-75 per month.


This course will include time outdoors.

We'll take herb walks together every month; while they're not too strenuous, they may last for several hours at a time. One of our weekends is a camping trip, which will include hiking and sleeping in tents. If either of these activities would pose a problem for you, please let us know your concerns.

Do you have any questions about the program that the program description page does not answer?

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