Silent Forest Retreat

fall leaves in the brook in Royalston

fall leaves in the brook in Royalston

Here in the city, it can be hard to get good and still, and clear your head. But in the woods, there are so many ways! You can sit in the brook and listen to the water singing. You can climb a tree and watch the birds and squirrels going about their day. You can lay down on the leafy forest floor and stare up at the leafy forest sky. You might choose a spot near a plant or a mushroom, and focus yourself on that other being, and all the beings in that community.

If your head is feeling full to bursting, come join us for a supportive silent retreat. We’ll kick things off on Friday evening at 4:00pm: you’ll have some time to get your tent set up and your things settled, and then we’ll have a group fire. Around the fire, we’ll enjoy a meal together and talk about ways to be in silence, as well as each person’s intentions for the weekend. We’ll create a custom-blended tea of herbs that will support the group throughout the weekend, and there will always be a pot of it ready for you!

Friday evening, we’ll leave the fire in silence, and spend Saturday and half of Sunday on our journeys. You are free to wander through the woods, listen to the brook babble, meditate with a plant, do yoga in the covered classroom area, lounge in a hammock, or just enjoy the fire. Tea will always be available for you in the kitchen! Sunday afternoon we’ll come together again as a group and break our silence, sharing our experiences and encouraging each other as we go back into the world.
Facilitators will be available at all times to support you, and meals will be provided.

Schedule & Location

This is a weekend workshop, Friday, October 21st at 4:00pm through Sunday October 23rd at 3:00pm, 2016. It will be held at our Royalston property, approximately 90 minutes from Boston. Directions will be sent upon registration. Students should arrive Friday evening by 4:00pm.

Ample camping space is available free of charge. For this workshop, gluten/dairy/soy free meals WILL BE provided, though you are welcome to bring food of your own if you wish. An outdoor kitchen is available for preparing meals, and of course, there will be a group fire for roasting tasty things. Please note: our group kitchen and eating areas are gluten and dairy free – if you would like to bring gluten or dairy items, we ask that you keep them in your car. All other food may be stored in locking storage bins in the outdoor kitchen to keep them safe from raccoons and their accomplices; you may also bring locking coolers for food storage if you wish. Unfortunately, we cannot permit students to bring dogs.

The weather in October in New England is unpredictable: it may be sunny, warm, and dry, or grey, cool, and damp. October averages in our area are highs of 60 and lows of 37; we will be ready for anything! We will cancel the weekend if the weather forecast calls for overnight temperatures under 25 degrees. As the weekend approaches, we will communicate about weather; please plan to pack accordingly!


The fee for the Fall Silent Retreat, inclusive of meals, is $200.

Register for the Fall Silent Retreat here!

This event took place in the past. Interested in joining us for a future silent retreat? Let us know!


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