Wild Kids Homeschooler Adventure Class

this tree seemed like the right place to make a journal entry!

This tree seemed like the right place to make a journal entry!

In this 8-week class series we will explore the wild places around us. Together we will learn new skills, like wild plant identification, how to craft tools and containers from wild materials, brush hut and lean-to building, first aid, animal identification, and basic knife and fire safety.

This class is tailored for 11-to-13-year-olds of all genders who are interested in experiencing the outdoors. Together, we will increase our knowledge of the natural world and its many inhabitants. Listening, communicating, and building self-sufficiency are some of the themes of this class, amongst our hikes, plant walks, and hands-on activities.

Climbing trees, finding animal tracks, building a shelter, starting a fire without matches, and making tools, toys, and first aid supplies from plants are just some of the many activities in store for Wild Kids.

This 8-week class series is being offered every Tuesday afternoon beginning September 29th, with the final class on November 17th. Wild Kids Homeschooler Adventure Class runs from 12:00-2:00pm, meeting at the South Street Gate to the Arnold Arboretum. There is a 6 child maximum for this class time, at which point a second 2:30-4:30pm class will be offered. The cost is $175.

If you’d like to enroll, just contact us!

This session is full, but you can be sure we’ll be running this program again in the future!


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