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Herbal Medicine for Beginners

Root your practice with the 35 most important medicinal herbs. 17 hours of video + printable PDFs. $147

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4 Keys to Holistic Herbalism

Video Course : 4 Keys to Holistic Herbalism Learn the principles that guide our work with clients, students, and our own exploration in the world of plant medicine, science, and healing. Each lesson is 20 minutes long and includes supporting materials. You’ll be able to create an account to keep track of your progress and…

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Herbalism 101: Get Started With Herbalism

Herbalism 101 will teach you all of the basics you need to get started with herbalism. You’ll learn more than 85 common herbs in-depth, and you’ll learn how to make…

emergent responder

Emergent Responder

Learn the skills you need to be confident and prepared to care for yourself, your family, and your community in an emergency or after a disaster. 68 hours of video and more! $600


Materia Medica

Learn to work confidently with over 85 medicinal herbs. These plants form the backbone of contemporary herbal practice. 40 hours of video + printable PDFs. $375

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Herbal Medicine Making

Step-by-step videos show you how to make more than two dozen types of herbal medicines and products. 18 hours of video + printable PDFs. $165.

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Foundations In Holistic Herbalism

Holistic herbalism is a 360-degree philosophy of health and care. It’s a strong relationship with plants that can nourish, restore, and revitalize. It’s a thorough understanding of the factors that contribute to good or poor health, and detailed strategies about how to help yourself, your family, and your clients get to a natural place of…

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Energetics and Holistic Practice

If you understand energetics, you will know why an herb works for some people but not others. Your protocols will be much more successful! 10 hours of video + printable PDFs. $165

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Holistic Nutrition

A broad spectrum approach to the complicated question of “what should I eat?”, as well as an understanding of how food impacts health. 12 hours of video + printable PDFs. $180.


Holistic Fertility

Learn how to prepare and support your body to have a health pregnancy. 8 hours of video + printable PDFs. $75.00


Herbs for Birth Workers

There’s a lot of mythology about herbs that are safe in pregnancy and labor. Learn to work safely. 10 hours of video + printable PDFs. $100


Supporting Kids through Puberty

A holistic approach to puberty can make the tween and teen years go much more smoothly. 8 hours of video + printable PDFs. $100


Fundamentals of Formulation

Simple and complex formulation strategies for all types of herbal medicine. 9 hours of video + printable PDFs. $120


Basic Phytochemistry

Discover the aspects of phytochemistry with the most practical relevance to the work of the herbalist. 12 hours of video + printable PDFs. $120


Elements of Detoxification

Detox is more than just a juice fast. Learn what you need to know to be safe and effective. 10 hours of videos + printable PDFs. $125


A Holistic Approach to Lyme Disease

Lyme is manageable! Learn to work with Lyme the same way we do in our clinic. 10 hours of video + printable PDFs. $125


Community Disaster Response: First Aid & Long-Term Care

Get way beyond basic first aid to respond in any situation. 44 hours of video + printable PDFs. $440


Community Disaster Response: Emergency Clinic Management

Set up and manage an effective first aid or emergency clinic in any situation. 24 hours of video + printable PDFs. $225

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Advanced Studies

Learn what you need to become a practicing clinical herbalist. For students who have completed the Foundations program, or who already have significant foundational experience and understanding of herbs and herbal medicine, we offer advanced classes covering all elements of professional clinical herbalism. For students who would like to transfer into the Advanced Studies Program…


Clinical Mentorship

Katja and Ryn have been very influential teachers for me as I navigate my herbal path. I credit them for giving me the confidence and strong foundation I needed to start my herbal practice, and for pushing me to grow in ways I wouldn’t have expected. They are teachers who are deeply devoted to their…

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Building Your Holistic Business

How can you turn your dreams into reality?Join the Holistic Business Mentorship 9-month online program! You’ve had a lot of herbal study and now you’re ready to embark on a business, but you’re realizing: building a business requires a whole different set of skills! Our students have gone on to start their own private practices,…


Holistic Business Coaching

  You can’t go it alone. In order to really grow your business, you’ve got to have a community of support. You’ve got all the pieces of your business up and running, but that doesn’t mean the work is done. Joining a coaching group keeps you accountable, provides you with community support, gives you a…

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