Holistic Herbalism goes beyond "quick fixes" and transforms our entire approach to healing.

We've found that there are four primary factors to consider when making choices about herbs and healing protocols.

Our free mini-course guides you through the pillars of Holistic Herbalism – an integrated approach that gives you a foundation for successful practice for yourself, your family, or as a profession.

Tammi Sweet

"Katja and Ryn at CommonWealth have emerged to provide the most rigorous online academic experience for herbalists who choose a holistic practice...and they're funny."

~ Tammi Sweet, Physiology Instructor, Heartstone Online

Holistic herbalism is the difference between commercialized quick fixes and whole-plant, whole-person healing. Our mission is to make herbalism accessible, so everyone can participate in good health.

Whether you’re new to herbalism or you’re looking to broaden and deepen your herbal skills, we welcome you to dig in with us and explore this integrative approach. We’ve got materials at all levels for motivated learners who are ready to craft a sustainable, resilient, & vibrant way of life.

Even if you’re short on time or energy, you can grow your knowledge of herbal medicine. All of our instructional content is delivered by video, so if you can watch TV, you can study herbalism!

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Learning should be invigorating. Get inspired & wake up your curiosity!

Learning about herbs and the ways they can support you will inspire you to make healthy adjustments to your habits.

What will that look like for you?

You could start simply, with a daily cup of personalized tea. Then, perhaps you’ll try a new spice blend or an herbal foot bath - there are lots of ways to get herbs into your day!

Later, you might work with nervine herbs to help you build a meditation practice, adaptogens to motivate a workout, or relaxants to make your sleep more refreshing.

With each small step, you'll find you have more energy, brighter eyes & a bushier tail!

Becoming a student at CommonWealth has been the best decision I have ever made. Ryn and Katja have opened a world that is vibrant, green, and natural, and have made it easy to integrate herbalism and holistic habits into my daily life.

I am so much healthier now, and my family and friends all want to know what my secret is - so I tell them! I love sharing this herbal knowledge.

~ Jesse G., 2018 Clinical Mentorship graduate

Free Course – Learn the 4 Keys to Holistic Herbalism

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Sign up here to access our newest mini-course which breaks down our unique framework for understanding & integrating herbalism into your everyday life.

Studying herbalism isn’t about memorizing lists of herbs to take to get rid of symptoms; it’s about developing deep familiarity and partnership between your own body and your herbal allies.

Now you can access our carefully structured curriculum that guides you to develop good foundational habits which will serve you well as a student, a practitioner, professional, or simply a human looking to become your healthiest self.

Cultivate Your Herbal Knowledge

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