Herbal Consultations

I can't thank you enough for all you've done to help me understand my body, make better nutritional/lifestyle choices, and connect me to such an amazing community of loving practitioners like yourself. 
~ Rachael B., client & student

One on one consultations to help you start working holistically for greater health & wellness.

Whether you’ve got a cold, want a new strategy for managing a chronic illness, or are simply looking for more vitality in your life, we're available to support you with educational consultations by web conference.

Your Holistic Plan

Appointments are typically 60-90 minutes long: we want you to have plenty of time to talk about your situation and develop a personalized a plan of action.

Complementary Care

Herbalists are not doctors - but as experienced clinical practitioners, we can work with herbal remedies to reinforce and complement other care plans.

Making Your Medicine

During your session, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to make your own medicinal herbal preparations to achieve your health goals.


Your consultation is all about helping you find your personal path to good health.

In the practice of holistic herbalism, there are always many different potential solutions for any given problem, but the best is the one you’re most motivated to enact. During your session, you and your herbalist will work out a course of action you can get excited about and feel confident in.

$150 includes intake, appointment, and herbal action plan

Scheduling Your Consultation

To schedule an appointment, please use our online scheduling system to book a time that works for your schedule.

It’s important to note that herbalists in this country are not licensed, and we are not doctors. We’re not here to make diagnoses or prescriptions, but rather to share our knowledge and experience. Think of a consultation with us like a personalized, private education & motivation session!

If you want to integrate herbalism into work you are doing with conventional doctors, we are happy to provide you with information you can take to your medical practitioners to assist in the decisions you make with them.


I don't live in fear of pain anymore!

I was in constant pain since I was a teenager, and I thought I never would be healthy enough to sustain a pregnancy. But because of the work you helped me do, I was able to reduce the inflammation in my hip so drastically that I no longer am afraid to be active, and I have more energy than I can ever remember having. I realized I'd been living so long in fear that any misstep would result in injury and pain.

My life is so different now, in ways I couldn't have imagined when we started, but every bit for the better. And I'm pregnant with baby number 2! When I'm tired in a day, I know how to support myself. If I get busy, I don't feel afraid that I'll break - I know what to do now to keep myself going until I get some down time. So most importantly, I feel confident about living my life!

 ~ Shari M., client


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