Holistic Herbalism Programs

Family Herbalist

Learn the herbs and how to prepare them so you can keep your family healthy!

Community Herbalist

Develop the herbal skills you need to support your community.

Clinical Herbalist

Make herbalism a career, and become a registered member of the American Herbalists' Guild.

Browse All Of Our Online Courses

Learn everything from herbal first aid and disaster response skills to caring for your teenager naturally. There are courses on managing Lyme disease, holistic fertility, what you really need to know about detox, and more!


My health is so drastically different now than when I started. I have more energy and I’m now helping my family and friends to dig into herbalism too. This has been such a positive change in my life - way more than I imagined! I should have done this sooner!

~ Jaime T., Community Herbalist graduate

Learn In Person With Us

If you're local to Boston, we have regular and seasonal events you will surely enjoy!

Starting in 2024, in addition to the online program, we will offer several short intensives that people can join in a la carte. If you are a student in our online programs or at another herb school, and you'd like to spend a week or a weekend getting in-depth with the material, you won't want to miss these intensives!

Our intention is that by having frequent individual weekend workshops and intensives, you can select the in-person experiences that most appeal to you. Combining that with our online program and our twice-weekly live Q&A sessions, we're hoping this will give you a lot of options to meet how and when you learn best!

You can find all of the information about our local events and programs here.

Professional Instruction at CommonWealth

If you’re feeling called to offer your herbal skills in the service of your community, let us help! Since 2010, we’ve been developing our advanced and professional training programs to empower herbal practitioners to take their work to the next level.

These programs provide in-depth training on advanced topics in holistic health and clinical skills as well as a full 9-month clinical mentorship.

In addition, we have a complete business program for herbal and holistic businesspeople – because business skills aren’t something you’re born with!

We’re proud to share and celebrate the successes of our previous students, and we welcome you to join them – make your herbal dreams a reality!

Click here to read more about what CommonWealth students and graduates are up to now.

Our online and in-person professional programs do have pre-requisites, and are open to the public by application.

Clinical Herbalist

Got the basics down? Learn how to handle more complicated health issues, as well as all the clinical skills you need to help people build their most vibrant health!

Clinical Mentorship

This live interactive program is a chance to receive guidance and supervision as you start seeing clients. Join this close-knit program to hone your skills and start your practice with confidence!

Build Your Herbal Business

Even the best herbalist still needs business skills. Whether you’re starting a clinical practice, a product line, or any other holistic endeavor, this 9-month program will take you from zero to a self-standing business - we'll be with you every step of the way!

"The classes reflect back to us the essence of being human – care for the Earth, self-reliance, and a deepened cooperative relationship with Nature." ~ Natalia C., 2018 Clinical Mentorship graduate

sentinel pines

Sprout, Sapling, or Sentinel...

When is a tree "done" growing?

Learning herbalism is like the growth of a sentinel pine - every year is another opportunity to branch out.

It doesn’t matter how new you are to herbalism or how long you’ve been practicing, there’s always new light to discover if you stretch for it.

The study of herbalism may start as a means to improve your health, but it goes deeper: holism isn’t just about your personal herbal strategies, it’s also about your place in the broader community of this green planet.

The deeper we dig our roots, the taller we can stand, and the further we can see - allowing us to shelter and guide others, working together to develop a resilient ecosystem of thriving individuals.

ryn and katja4

Do you have a question about a program?

If you want help choosing a program, feel free to contact us at any time. We'd love to hear more about your journey, learning goals, and whether or not our programs would be a good fit.


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