Coronavirus & COVID-19 Herbal Resources

Here are some free materials we’ve produced about the coronavirus pandemic:

Herbs for Coronavirus Preparedness

Learn herbs to help boost your immune function, strengthen respiratory health, and help you any time you have to go out where you might be exposed.
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Audio version with transcript here

Herbs for Managing Covid-19 at Home

If your symptoms are mild enough that you are managing the virus at home, here are herbal suggestions to make it easier.
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Audio version with transcript here

Herbs for COVID Anxiety

If you’re feeling like it’s a struggle to manage emotions in this weird time, herbs can help! Here are six herbs that we are working with to help us through.
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How to Stay Healthy in a Corona World

Some folks are heading back to work and eventually we will find some kind of new normal, sharing this world with Corona. Here are our tips on how to give your body the best chance at staying healthy, whatever comes.
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Elderberry and Cytokine Storms

Here is our take on the newly-circulating theoretical concern that elderberry may trigger or exacerbate cytokine storms in those infected with coronavirus.

Here are some materials and resource compilations we also find valuable:

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The Herbal Remedies for Cold & Flu course has over 12 hours of videos, printable quick guides, recipes, access to our twice-weekly live Q&A video conference sessions, and more! Learn how to support your body and care for illnesses at home by building up your immune resources as well as how to deal with the individual symptoms.

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