Each month's events may include virtual or in-person workshops, herb walks around the city, or special programs for adults or children.

Our community classes are open to all and generally require no previous knowledge or experience. Topics change with the seasons and we're always open to suggestions or requests.

Here's what's coming up:

Nutrition Case Studies Workshop

Saturday, October 17th – Nutrition is a critical part of holistic herbalism. Learn to put together effective, attainable nutrition plans to help resolve ailments.

Herbal Free Clinic

Free Clinic is a VIRTUAL event! Next scheduled clinic day is Wednesday, November 11th, 5:00 – 8:00pm. Click through for details.

Cardiovascular Case Studies Workshop

Saturday, November 14th – Learn from real-life examples how to put together effective herbal formulas for cardiovascular health issues.

Turkey Traverse: Movement x Herbalism

Saturday, November 28th – In this autumnal forest adventure we’ll explore practical playful movement in a woodland environment, wild herbal medicine, & more!

Respiratory Case Studies Workshop

Saturday, December 5th – Breathe easy! This case-based live workshop will teach you how to analyze and formulate for respiratory ailments.


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