Secrets of the Flame: Weekend Fire Building Workshop

campfire and teakettle

campfire and teakettle

Fire is endlessly fascinating. We need it to survive, we fear it, we love to look at it…
But do you know how to make it? Lighting the grill with a can of lighter fluid isn’t the same as really understanding the mechanics of building a fire, but that understanding could save your life!

In this weekend workshop in the woods, we’ll start off by learning how to prepare to make a fire – which is actually the most important factor for success! Initially, we’ll make fires with matches and easy tinder material. As we move through the weekend, we’ll progress to more advanced skills such as making fire with flint and steel, making fire with only natural tinder, and ultimately making fire with wet wood. I have started fires in cold conditions where it was actively raining and had been raining for days, and that kind of skill could be the difference between life and death: come learn how!

Each skill will be introduced in a large fire ring, demonstrated as many times as needed, and then individuals will practice the skill on their own, with assistance as needed. There will be plenty of time to make sure everyone can manage each step! And of course, plenty of time to enjoy the fire!

Whether you’re interested in wilderness survival, or you just love a well-roasted marshmallow, you’ll leave this weekend confident in your knowledge of the Secrets of the Flame!

Schedule, Costs, & Logistics

This is a two-day workshop, Saturday and Sunday July 23 & 24, 2016. It will be held at our Royalston property, approximately 90 minutes from Boston. Directions will be sent upon registration. Students should arrive Saturday morning by 9:00am.

Tuition for this workshop is $200.

Ample camping space is available free of charge, meals are not provided. An outdoor kitchen is available for preparing meals, and of course, there will be a group fire for roasting tasty things. Please note: our group kitchen and eating areas are gluten and dairy free – if you would like to bring gluten or dairy items, we ask that you keep them in your car. All other food may be stored in locking storage bins in the outdoor kitchen to keep them safe from raccoons and their accomplices; you may also bring locking coolers for food storage if you wish. Unfortunately, we cannot permit students to bring dogs.


If you have questions or you’d like to register for this program, please use our contact form, or email us at You can also send your $75 deposit directly to us at CommonWealth Herbs, 25 St. Mary’s Court, Brookline MA 02446.

This event took place in the past. If you’re interested in this kind of workshop, let us know!


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