Hall’s Pond Herb Walk in Brookline

You may not know it, but the original parcel of land that founded the Audubon Society is not even one block off Beacon Street, right where Brookline and Boston meet. That piece of land is kept wild and free, and even though it's small, you can find a bountiful variety of birds there - and wild medicinal plants! It's a great place for an herb walk in Brookline.


The ability to identify and work with each of these plants was once commonplace to every man, woman, and child, but today most of us have lost that knowledge. Come reclaim what's yours!

Join us regularly throughout the growing seasons and learn the plants in all of their stages of growth. By the end of these sessions, you'll feel confident in your ability to identify the many medicinal plants growing right in the middle of the city - and you'll learn how you can work with them!

Wednesday, August 7th, 2019
5:30 - 6:30pm
Hall's Pond Sanctuary, Brookline MA 02446

Meet at the gate near the tennis courts, just off Beacon Street near the Hawes Street T stop. We'll get started right at 5:30 and wrap up by 6:30. Feel free to bring a notebook or sketchbook, cameras, etc. The fee for the herb walk is $10.

Herb walks are "Sprinkle or Shine!" - if it's just damp or a bit drizzly, we'll walk anyway. If it's raining enough to need an umbrella, that makes it hard to learn, so we will cancel in that event.

Interested in having us come and do an herb walk somewhere in particular? Let us know!


Double it up! Join us right after the herb walk for a Holistic Movement class to build your strength, flexibility, and confidence in moving through the world. Crawl, jump, lift, carry, climb! We'll give you a $5 discount if you come to both the herb walk and the movement class - two great classes for only $15!


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