Herbal Formulation Workshop

Saturday, March 28th – Herbs on their own are mighty; herbs in formula, even more so! Learn to make elegant & effective herbal formulas for any need.

Saturday, March 28th
10:00am – 5:00pm

Because of Corona virus concerns, this workshop will be offered live via web conference. I’m excited about the opportunity this will give us to not only work together with the unlimited apothecary of our mind, but also the ability to work together designing formulas that are limited by your own personal herb supply – that’s an extra aspect of formulation that has to be taken into consideration. Now we’ll really get to see that play out!

This Workshop Includes:

  • An introduction and review of Simple Formulas – “Friends” & “Teams”, and Complex formulas – the “Formulation Triangle”Sample Formulae From Our Practice
  • Hand-On Activities & Exercises form the bulk of the workshop time
  • Lots of direct interaction as we design formulas together
  • Plenty of Q&A time
  • Handouts with some of our favorite formulae

Formulation is one of the most important aspects of herbalism.

But a lot of people find it very challenging!

Formulation enables us to tailor our remedies to the individual person, so they are as effective as possible. It can help us mitigate undesirable effects, widening the range of herbs we might work with. And it can improve a remedy’s flavor – and your enthusiasm for taking it! – which matters a lot, because the only herbs that work are the ones you take.

This workshop is structured with the assumption that all participants have some prior education relevant to herbal formulation, and will be most fruitful for those who have taken our Fundamentals of Formulation online course and have a working knowledge of at least 25 plants.

If you’d like to join in this live online workshop, here’s what to expect:

First, before the workshop begins, take an inventory of the herbs you have on hand in your own personal apothecary – both herbs and tinctures. Then, when we meet for our live web conference, bring your inventory list with you. When you register, you’ll receive a link to the video conference: we’ll all be able to see one another and talk together just like we’re in the same room, except without sharing any germs 😉

We’ll kick off the workshop with a review of formulation strategies, and then we’ll spend the bulk of our time working through formula building together. Initially, we’ll be formulating in theory – we’ll have access to every herb we can think of because the exercise is in our minds. But a whole trick of formulation is that we are limited to the herbs we actually have access to!

So once everyone is feeling really solid on formulating in theory, we’ll add a new tricky dimension: we’ll start each designing formulas for the same problem together, but each limited by the herbs that we have access to physically in our actual locations. Which means we’ll all end up with different formulas – and that will make some excellent discussion! Plus, we can then all brew up our formulas too and we’ll each be able to report on how the blend tastes, and to brainstorm together how we might change it to improve or shift the flavor.

The workshop will be limited to a small group so that we can work together with a lot of collaboration, and everyone will get time to interact. But the new addition of working only with what you have right available to you, instead of with all 250-some-odd of the herbs in the school apothecary if this event were here in person, will add a really valuable dimension to the experience! Plus, although originally this workshop had been planned as an in-person event in Boston, shifting online due to Corona virus concerns means that now it’s available to everyone, even if you can’t make it to Boston 🙂

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