Herbal Formulation Workshop

Saturday, March 28th – Herbs on their own are mighty; herbs in formula, even more so! Learn to make elegant & effective herbal formulas for any need.

Saturday, March 28th
10:00am – 5:00pm
25 Saint Mary’s Court, Brookline

This Workshop Includes:

  • Simple Formulas – “Friends” & “Teams”
  • The “Formulation Triangle”
  • Sample Formulae From Our Practice
  • Hand-On Activities & Exercises

Formulation is one of the most important aspects of herbalism. It is what enables us to tailor our remedies to the individual person, so they are as effective as possible. It can help us mitigate undesirable effects, widening the range of herbs we might work with. And it can improve a remedy’s flavor – and your enthusiasm for taking it! – which matters a lot, because the only herbs that work are the ones you take.

This workshop is structured with the assumption that all participants have some prior education relevant to herbal formulation, and will be most fruitful for those who have taken our Fundamentals of Formulation online course.

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