Live Recording Sessions!

We’re recording a whole online program, and YOU can come join in the behind-the-scenes action!

Here’s Ryn teaching a class on heartburn for our online series!

Join us for FREE live recording sessions Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm.
We’ll be recording our entire Apprenticeship program, one bit at a time, so this is your opportunity to see what it’s like before signing up for the full program. If you’ve already taken the apprenticeship, it’s a great chance to review some material! And if you’re just interested in herbalism, then come learn something new! You can come once in a while, or come every week!

The topic for Wednesday, July 12th is:

Cayenne, Prickly Ash, Plantain, Comfrey

The topic for Wednesday, July 19th is:

Boneset, Meadowsweet, Willow, California Poppy

We’ll be in Coal River Valley, WV, training local herbalists and providing free clinic services.

No session on July 26th

The topic for Wednesday, August 2nd is:

Wild Lettuce, Wood Betony, Blue Vervain, Tulsi

There will be tea for all! Come join in the party and learn some cool new stuff!
We will start recording by 7:10. If you are late, please come in VERY QUIETLY so as not to be disruptive. Thanks! 🙂

Wednesdays, 2017
7:00pm – 9:00pm
25 St. Mary’s Court, Brookline

There is no fee for this class – yay!
You can register here, so that we know how many handouts to have printed!