Mutual Aid & Accessible Herbalism Resources

We are creating free resources to help you do the work of fighting racism and strengthening the health of your community. We hope that this will be a force for creating better health outcomes for all people, and empower the changes that we need in the world right now.
This work is free for all people. We hope that it will help YOU. ❤️️

We will be updating this page with more resources weekly.
In particular, we will be adding specific resources for supporting some of the most common health issues that folks in under-resourced areas have to deal with over the next several months.

Community Health Collective Tools

We are introducing a series of strategies for safely improving some of the most common health concerns, especially in under-resourced areas. The purpose of this series is to create knowledge that will empower communities to take action to support their own health – because in many communities there simply isn’t accessible medical care, or the medical care that is available is so under-staffed that it is difficult to get quality care. We want to provide some tools and skills that will help fill this gap.

This is not medical advice, but safe, accessible self-care strategies that will help improve health outcomes. We believe that all people have a right to accessible, high-quality health care, and we want all people to have the tools to care for themselves as well.

Our plan is to work with a relatively small number of easy-to-get, inexpensive herbs, so you will notice some of the same plants turning up in different places throughout this series. There are other plants that can work well too, but the ones we’ve chosen are effective and accessible. We’ve chosen herbs that are generally safe and generally don’t have interactions with medications unless specifically noted.

A printable version of this work will also be available at the end of the series, along with information about how to start a community health collective. We are making this available free to all people, because we want everyone to have these skills.

Accessible Herbalism for High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol

High blood pressure and high cholesterol are two very common cardiovascular issues that you can safely improve with herbs. You can reduce your risk and improve your resilience with inexpensive medicinal plants and foods. These safe, abundant herbs can help release stress-induced tension, reduce fluid retention, and protect against the inner damage that drives cholesterol up.
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Audio Version & Transcript

Accessible Herbalism for Diabetes

Diabetes is very common and can lead to a number of serious health issues. Holistic methods can improve diabetes by correcting what’s wrong at the source: too much sugar in the blood. These methods will include making changes to the diet – reducing sugar and refined carbs, getting more vegetables – as well as building more movement into your day. And there are herbs that can make a huge difference, too!
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Audio Version & Transcript

Accessible Herbalism for Edema

Edema is stuck fluid: stagnant blood and lymph that isn’t flowing the way it should be. There are many common and inexpensive herbs for edema, and some of them might already be in your kitchen! You can start today to drain the excess fluid and restore healthy conditions to the body, by working with botanical diuretics, lymphatics, and astringents.
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Accessible Herbalism for Weight Management

The holistic approach to herbalism for weight management doesn’t start with a search for “fat-burning herbs”. Instead, we focus on building health first & foremost. As we build good health, maintaining a healthy weight becomes easier and more permanent.
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Accessible Herbalism for Pain Management

There is a lot that can be done to improve pain holistically – we’re focusing on three main factors that are common across all kinds of pain, and how we can manage those to reduce pain and build strength and healthy nerve function.
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Accessible Herbalism for Sleep

Since sleep is so important to stay healthy, it’s a big problem when you can’t get enough quality rest. But your body is resilient, and herbs can help! This episode has tips for when you can’t fall asleep as well as ways to support your body when you aren’t able to sleep as long as your body needs.
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Audio Version (transcript coming soon)

Accessible Herbalism for Wound Care

This episode covers strategies for both acute wounds as well as chronic wounds. There’s so much that we can do to help wounds heal, and even if you’re ultimately going to need wound care at the hospital, there are still things you can do to help get things stabilized.
Video Version (coming soon)
Audio Version & Transcript

Accessible Herbalism for Digestive Health

Hippocrates said “all disease begins in the gut”, and although that might not always be true, digestive issues do play a huge role in our health! This episode has strategies to deal with common digestive issues to help you feel better.
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Here are the topics that will be coming next:

Digestive Issues – September 25
Emotional Support – October 4
Respiratory Issues – October 11

How to start an Herbal Free Clinic

Here is a discussion about how we set up our Herbal Free Clinics, and we hope it will be helpful for you!
You’ll find the audio file with a transcript here
Here is a PDF version of the intake form we use for Free Clinic – it is in a SOAP format, with extra reminders for the information that should be gathered. Just click on it to download!

Coronavirus Resources

Right now, a big part of community support involves Covid19. You can find lots of free resources to help you prepare for and manage the symtpoms here.

Resources for starting Mutual Aid Groups in your Community

Fighting Racism

The following is a three-part series from our podcast in response to systemic racism and how it impacts health – and what we as herbalists can do about it.

Justice and Community as a Factor in Health

The health impacts of systemic oppression are something that holistic practitioners cannot ignore if they truly want to work to heal “the whole person”.
Video version here
Audio version with transcript here

Herbs for Trauma Recovery and Resistance

Herbs can’t solve systemic racism, but they can support recovery and build resistance. Here are 11 herbs that can help support emotional health in these times.
Video version here
Audio version with transcript here

Herbalism and Mutual Aid

We are building a new, anti-racist, just and equitable society. As herbalists, we have many ways we can serve in this work.
Video version here
Audio version with transcript here

Resources to Learn Herbalism

You can find all of our free learning offerings, as well as many other great free resources, here:

And we have a whole online program dedicated to your learning success whether you’re a beginner herbalist or building an herbal career! You can find our scholarship programs here, on the second half of the page.

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