Nutrition Case Studies Workshop

Saturday, October 17th – Nutrition is a critical part of holistic herbalism. Learn to put together effective, attainable nutrition plans to help resolve ailments.

Saturday, October 17th
10:00am – 5:00pm eastern time

Food is foundational to good health – and food provides us with a lot of room to work with clients who have complicated health issues, who might be taking pharmaceuticals, and who have many different intersecting health issues – where we might be hesitant to jump right in with herbs because of concerns about drug interactions or the complicated nature of the case.

Food also gives us a starting point in much simpler issues – from basic digestive upset to “i want to have more energy” – food is a great place to start.

And sometimes when you just don’t know where to start at all – working with food can help to give direction in the overall arc of working with a client.

But working with food can be complicated! Balancing emotional and cultural feelings about food, working with constraints on time and money, and of course working within the parameters of preference all present opportunities for creativity as practitioners.

Learn from our work with clients and see exactly how we have worked through these issues to help clients form a foundation of good health.

This Workshop Includes:

  • Printable case studies – real-life situations & solutions drawn from our practice
  • Live interactive discussions of each case so that you will understand exactly what we did and why we did it
  • Plenty of time for you to ask questions about the cases, or how we might have modified our approach in a similar but different situation, etc.

This workshop is structured with the assumption that all participants have some prior education relevant to herbal formulation, and will be most fruitful for those who have taken our Fundamentals of Holistic Nutrition online course and have a working knowledge of at least 25 plants.

If you’d like to join in this live online workshop, here’s what to expect:

We’ll kick off at 10am eastern time with a few minutes to do introductions. Since this workshop is highly interactive, we want to make sure you all have a chance to get to know one another!

Then we will progress through the cases themselves. You’ll receive access to the printable intake forms and clinical notes ahead of time, so if you like to have printed handouts to take notes on and follow along, you’ll have a chance to get that all ready.

We’ll take a lunch break at 1, and you’re welcome to stay online to eat your lunch and chat with other folks in the workshop, or to step away from your computer to have some quiet time. And we’ll take short wiggle breaks in between cases so that you don’t feel like you’ve been stuck sitting in one place all day!

We’ll be covering cases where we worked with clients who had known food allergies & sensitivities, where we discovered food allergies & sensitivities as a root cause of their case, with vegetarians & vegans, with clients who were incorporating a keto-style diet into their management of epilepsy and diabetes, and with folks who had very limited resources. We’ll present cases with adults, children, and families. We’ll focus some of our time specifically on strategies for picky eaters, emotional eating, and working with food with clients who have a background with disordered eating.

In each case, we will share the original issue so that you have context to understand the work we did with food and how it supported our work with the original issue to provide a foundation to build the rest of our work on.

We’ll wrap it up at 5pm eastern time, and you will receive a recording of the event.

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