Podcast 029: Sore Throat Herbs & Classic Cancer Cure-alls

After seeing Rising Appalachia the other night, Katja wanted to sing! She sang so much she gave herself a sore throat. So today she’ll tell you all about her favorite herbs for soothing sore throats!

Ryn breaks down a couple of “classic cancer cure-all” formulae you may have heard of: Hoxsey and Essiac. He talks you through a way to deconstruct these, so you don’t let an old formula be a black box or a magic potion – instead, break it down and analyze it! This helps you find a middle way between the “skeptics” who call everything herbal “quackery” and the uncritical superficiality of internet memes.

Herbs discussed include calamus, marshmallow, linden, & cinnamon.

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Herbal Medicine for Beginners by Katja Swift & Ryn Midura

Our theme music is “Wings” by Nicolai Heidlas.


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