Podcast 071: Herbs for Seasonal Allergies

It’s just about time for seasonal allergy … um, season … to begin here in Boston! Sniffy noses and red eyes are peeking around every corner. So let’s talk about some of our favorite herbs for seasonal allergies, and see if we can get you more comfortable outside.

We lead with a brief discussion of the allergic response and a holistic view on the process. We teach you about the useful metaphor of the Stressor Bucket, and how this guides our herb & holistic lifestyle choices to dial back hayfever and other pollen-based allergic reactions. As it turns out, it’s about more than just the daily pollen count!

Then we get right into the herbs! We highlight plants & home remedies to reduce overall inflammation, stabilize mast cells, support the kidneys, move the lymph, astringe the mucous membranes, and decongest the sinuses.

So if thy nose runneth over, listen in and meet some herbal allies who can help you keep contained!

Herbs mentioned include nettle, goldenrod, red clover, eyebright, yerba santa, marshmallow, horseradish, & chamomile.


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