Podcast 093: Herbs for Athlete’s Foot

The itchy, inflamed, sensitive presentation of a fungal skin infection is something no one wants. These kinds of infections can be difficult to resolve whether you’re trying with herbs or with pharmaceutical agents, but don’t give up! With a few pointers and a solid plan, you can be successful working with herbs for athlete’s foot. The difference between success and failure often comes down to how you prepare and apply the herbs – that’s what this episode will teach you.

Our favorite antifungal herbs are actually some of the most common – plants like garlic, oregano, turmeric, and willow. With common household items like salt and vinegar, they can be made into very potent herbal remedies to combat athlete’s foot. We like to come at the problem from a few angles at once, working with soaks, sprays, and salves to keep the fungi on their toes – and get them off of yours!

(By the way, these remedies are also helpful if you’re dealing with thrush, ringworm, or related issues. We offer some tips for applying these herbs for athlete’s foot to other fungal skin infections like these, too.)

Herbs discussed include: garlic, oregano / thyme / monarda, uva ursi, pau d’arco, black walnut, plantain, calendula, turmeric, henna, seaweeds, marshmallow, propolis, usnea, loosestrife, willow, barberry, oregon grape root, tea tree, rosemary, thuja, cinnamon, & chaparral.

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