Pumpkin Playtime: An Outdoor Adventure

Saturday & Sunday, October 10th & 11th – It’s autumn, let’s play outside! This pumpkin playtime outdoor adventure includes pumpkin & apple picking, forest movement skills, herbal medicine, & more!

October 10th-11th
Arrival 10:00am Saturday
Departure 3:00pm Sunday


Your Weekend Includes:

  • 4 Meals & Snacks – gluten-free & dairy-free, local organic, and homemade!
  • Camping (as minimal or glampy as you like) 
  • Pumpkin & Apple Picking Trip to a Local Farm
  • Forest Movement Skills – Instruction to MovNat & Adventures
  • Herbal Medicine – Plant ID & Practical Applications

This event starts with a trip to Red Apple Farm in Phillipston, where we’ll each select 1 pumpkin & pick apples. Once we return to our forest land, your pumpkin is your baby, your prize, and your treasure – you’ll bring it with you everywhere this weekend! 

Walk with us through a beautiful autumn forest, rich with medicinal plants. Learn to move quietly, quickly, and confidently over uneven terrain while you protect your precious pumpkin. We’ll hike, stretch, climb, and move in all kinds of new and interesting ways with our pumpkins. Having something to carry will add a new layer to the experience and challenge you in ways you wouldn’t expect.

You’ll of course have plenty of time to move, but also lots of time to rest, nourish, and reset.
There will be time to explore and meditate in nature. Feel free to go for a cold-water plunge plunge in the brook! In the evenings we’ll gather around the campfire to share stories and experiences.

And yes, there will be pumpkin spice EVERYTHING and mulled apple cider. 😉

Only 10 spots available!

All levels of movers welcome!
Have a question? Ask us!


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