Students and Graduates

Wondering what you can do with an herbal education?

Do you have dreams of setting up your own herbal business? Check out what some of our students and graduates are doing!

Herbstalk, Boston’s homegrown herbal conference, is the heartwork of Steph Zabel, who graduated from the Clinical Herbalist program in 2012. She also has an herbal consulting and teaching practice, Flowerfolk Herbs.

Marisol Salomon graduated from our Clinical Herbalist program in 2016 and took our Business Mentorship to help her launch her skin care business, Esperanza Herbals in 2018. Now she’s expanding to include skin care services, too!

Heather Bruntil completed two years of training with us in 2014, and in addition to her practice in New Paltz, NY, she created Plant Soak, turning your bathtub into a luxurious herbal spa!

Emma O’Brien is an herbalist and full-spectrum doula serving the Boston area. She graduated from our three-year program in 2015.

Cara Saunders took our Business Mentorship program to build her beautiful herbal product business, Bear Wallow Herbs in Mt. Shasta, CA.

Jennie Isbell Shinn graduated from our Clinical Herbalist and Business Mentorship programs and has her own practice on Martha’s Vineyard.

Brooke Sackenheim has a lovely herbal clinic and school, Sovereignty Herbs in Ohio, and built her business skills in our Holistic Business programs, as well as other of our online video courses.

Jade Alicandro Mace, who graduated from our Clinical Herbalist program in 2016, offers consultations and maintains a nursery of medicinal plants at Milk & Honey Herbs in Shutsebury, MA.

Brighid Doherty took our Holistic Business Mentorship, then advanced into the Holistic Business Coaching program to grow her herb school Solidago Herb School on Deer Isle, Maine.

Ray Laradie completed our full Clinical program and the Holistic Business Mentorship, and is practicing here in Boston.

Clair Moore graduated from our Clinical Herbalist program and started Plants & Provisions, offering consultations, herbs+yoga retreats, education for pharmacy students, beautiful handcrafted small-batch products, and more. She’s currently moving her base of operations to the Sacramento area.


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