Turkey Traverse: Movement x Herbalism

Saturday, November 28th – In this autumnal forest adventure we’ll explore practical playful movement in a woodland environment, wild herbal medicine, & more!
fall leaves in the brook in Royalston

Saturday, November 28th
Royalston, MA
10:00am – 6:00pm

Your Adventure Includes:

  • Movement Skills – Crawling, Jumping, Climbing, & More
  • Herbal Medicine – Plant ID & Practical Applications for Autumn Plants
  • Forest Time – Adventures & Reflections
  • Campfire Lunch & Snacks – Gluten-free & Dairy-free, Local, Organic, and Homemade!

🌱 As we move through the woods and meadow, we’ll encounter a variety of herbs and learn about their potential as food and medicine. We’ll gather some and make “wild tea” to share.

🧘 You’ll have plenty of time to move, but also lots of chances to rest, nourish, and reset. There will be opportunities to connect and meditate in nature. Feel free to go for a cold-water plunge in the brook!

🌅 As the sun sets we’ll gather around the campfire to share stories and experiences.

You also have the OPTION to camp out overnight for no extra charge – as minimal or glampy as you like! (Plan for departure by noon on Sunday.)

Only 10 spots available!
Please note: we cannot accommodate minors

All levels of movers welcome!

What does that mean?

The movement is as strenuous or as not-strenuous as you want it to be: the site is private land with some trails through it, and there is a covered outdoor kitchen and a composting toilet – and a big campfire ring of course!

So in terms of just walking around, you’ll go up and down small hills, step over some roots sometimes, that kind of thing. That’s the starting point. From there, all of the activities are always “if-you-want-to”, and they all have modifications – so if we’re balancing on an elevated log but that feels too challenging, we also have logs that are right on the ground so that if you fall off you’re just a couple inches off the ground. And if that feels too challenging, we have rope on the ground that you can “balance” on – so you’re on flat ground but practicing the balancing movement. All the while ryn will be teaching tips to help improve your balance – whatever your starting level is.

Or if balancing on an elevated log is too easy, don’t worry: ryn can make it as hard as you possibly want to be challenged – just say the word! Ryn is super sporty and very confident in his body, and i am not, so we have a natural spectrum of examples for all activities. I just can’t do many of the things that he can do, but that doesn’t mean that i can’t get myself moving! So we have lots of built in modifications for everything we do and i always do a less-difficult version of what he’s doing: if there’s something you can’t do, you will definitely not be alone and no one will think anything of it: we’re all just here to move our bodies, however they are right now. 🙂

And it’s always ok to opt out too – even i do that sometimes! Sometimes i say, i’m just going to watch this one because i need a break 🙂 So the bottom line is, it’s very relaxed and everyone can challenge themselves the goldilocks amount 🙂

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