Ryn Midura

Milk Thistle: Herb of the Week

18 August, 2018

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is one of the simplest herbs to work with, and one…

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Dandelion: Herb of the Week

6 August, 2018

Oh, the dandelions! One of our earliest flowers and one of the last to hang…

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Prickly Ash: Herb of the Week

30 July, 2018

The southern prickly ash (Zanthoxylum clava-herculis) and the eastern prickly ash (Z. americanum) are relatives…

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Betony: Herb of the Week

21 July, 2018

Wood betony is our Herb of the Week this time, and for this one you’ll…

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Catnip: Herb of the Week

16 July, 2018

If you watch a cat who’s eaten some catnip (Nepeta cataria), you’ll observe that there’s…

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Motherwort: Herb of the Week

7 July, 2018

Lion-Hearted Mother Imagine a mother whose child is having a terrible anaphylactic allergy attack, and…

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Sumac: Herb of the Week

29 June, 2018

Want to make herbal pink lemonade? Staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina / R. hirta) is the…

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Red Seaweeds: Herb of the Week

23 June, 2018

Continuing with our seaweed explorations from last week, this time we turn to the red…

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Kelp: Herb of the Week

18 June, 2018

Not all herbs live on the land! This week we’re featuring kelp, bladderwrack, and all…

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Gah! Gout! Simple Herbs for Gout and Kidney Support

26 November, 2017

Pain in your toe? It could be gout. This relatively common issue presents as recurrent…

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Mugwort for Dreaming

7 July, 2017

Fiona Apple says, i’ve got my feet on the ground and i don’t go to…

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Savoring Salicylates

6 June, 2017

Who’s Afraid of Phytochemistry? part 1 of ?   Don’t let the diagrams scare you!…

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Go-To Herbal Joint Liniment

3 April, 2017

A good herbal joint liniment can make the difference between a slow, drawn-out, and incomplete…

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Toxins and Terrain

31 March, 2016

When someone starts to talk about detoxification or cleansing, I often find myself st[r]uck with…

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What to Do When You’ve Been Glutened

8 March, 2016

Even the most assiduous label-readers among us sometimes miss “barley malt” buried in an ingredients…

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Herbalism and the Law: The Practice of Medicine in Massachusetts

26 December, 2014

The most common way an herbalist can find herself in a court of law is…

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Trademarking Tradition: the Fire Cider® Controversy

25 January, 2014

[For the purposes of this discussion, let’s use fire cider to refer to the traditional…

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Men’s Cycles and Self-Reliance

9 October, 2013

Often, discussions of “women’s health” or “men’s health” are limited to the reproductive systems. When…

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Gut-Heal Tea

2 April, 2013

Eliminating food allergens from the diet can bring substantial relief from inflammatory gastrointestinal disorders such…

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Successful Self-Experimentation, part 5: Putting it in Practice

10 February, 2012

In short: first perceive, then reflect, then connect. In slightly-less-short: first, practice perceptive skills of…

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Successful Self-Experimentation, part 4: Connection

8 February, 2012

Humans are very good at pattern recognition. We’re so good at it, in fact, that…

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Successful Self-Experimentation, part 3: Reflection

6 February, 2012

Reflection is a bending back. It requires some flexibility. Reflecting is intimately bound up with…

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Successful Self-Experimentation, part 2: Perception

2 February, 2012

When engaging in self-experimentation, there are certain skills that must be put into play in…

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Successful Self-Experimentation, part 1: Introduction

31 January, 2012

Diet and lifestyle changes are ideally made with the guidance of an experienced and trusted…

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No Cure for Cancer: Healing This Client

24 August, 2011

Katja’s recent article on the [mis]conception of “cure” in our culture reminded me of a…

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Two Teas for Tense Times

16 August, 2011

We all have stress. I have very few friends who aren’t working two jobs, or…

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Rooted & Ready

17 July, 2011

Almost every herbalist I know has a “root beer” tea variation. Here’s mine (numbers are…

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Vital[ist] Lifestyle Interventions

8 June, 2011

We practice and teach Traditional Western Herbalism in the vitalist tradition. We believe that the…

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Weaving Our Way Fourward

16 May, 2011

An answer to the question: What is Traditional Western Herbalism? It is sometimes suggested, and…

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