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Savoring Salicylates

Who’s Afraid of Phytochemistry? part 1 of ?   Don’t let the diagrams scare you! Don’t let the long names drive you away. Phytochemistry can…

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Go-To Herbal Joint Liniment

A good herbal joint liniment can make the difference between a slow, drawn-out, and incomplete healing process and one that proceeds quickly to complete recovery.…

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Toxins and Terrain

When someone starts to talk about detoxification or cleansing, I often find myself st[r]uck with a question: “What do you mean when you use that…

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What to Do When You’ve Been Glutened

Even the most assiduous label-readers among us sometimes miss “barley malt” buried in an ingredients list, or trust the word of a well-meaning friend who’s…

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Herbalism and the Law: The Practice of Medicine in Massachusetts

The most common way an herbalist can find herself in a court of law is by appearing, intentionally or unknowingly, to be practicing medicine without…

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Trademarking Tradition: the Fire Cider® Controversy

[For the purposes of this discussion, let’s use fire cider to refer to the traditional herbal medicine preparation, “fire cider” to refer to the term,…

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Men’s Cycles and Self-Reliance

Often, discussions of “women’s health” or “men’s health” are limited to the reproductive systems. When I teach about men’s reproductive health, I like to include…

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Gut-Heal Tea

Eliminating food allergens from the diet can bring substantial relief from inflammatory gastrointestinal disorders such as IBS, Crohn’s disease, and celiac. These ill-tolerated foods –…

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Successful Self-Experimentation

Diet and lifestyle changes are ideally made with the guidance of an experienced and trusted practitioner, but sometimes that’s impractical or impossible. Sometimes, you don’t…

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No Cure for Cancer: Healing This Client

Katja’s recent article on the [mis]conception of “cure” in our culture reminded me of a related thought, one that comes to mind whenever I see…

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Two Teas for Tense Times

We all have stress. I have very few friends who aren’t working two jobs, or working while raising kids, or scraping by month to month,…

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Rooted & Ready

Almost every herbalist I know has a “root beer” tea variation. Here’s mine (numbers are “parts”): 2 sarsaparilla 2 sassafras 2 ashwagandha 2 eleuthero 2…

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