Podcast 067: Two Herbalists Get The Flu

Yes, it’s true: even herbalists get the flu. Two in one house sometimes, even! Each of us gets it a little bit differently, as our constitutions are balanced differently. But at least we can take care of each other.

Listen in and learn all our tricks for getting through Actual Flu with a little more ease and comfort, the surprising role of marshmallow, and why a bath might be the most important thing you do all week!

Herbs discussed include ginger, calendula, self-heal, heather, elderberry, purple loosestrife, goldenrod, sumac, ground ivy, mullein, catnip, nettle, blue vervain, thyme, garlic, elecampane, angelica, osha, codonopsis, pleurisy root, marshmallow, Irish moss, monarda, tulsi, rose, & orange.

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