Podcast 068: Herbs for Stress-Induced Heartburn in Teens

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but it’s stressful to be a teen! Sometimes, that stress shows up as heartburn. As herbalists, we can help out! Here’s a discussion of some of our favorite herbs for stress-induced heartburn in teens. Some are for directly addressing the burning pain and discomfort; others are for reducing the stress itself, because it really does trigger the reflux events. Changing your relationship to stressors makes a big difference, and herbs can help you do that. All this is part of a holistic framework including simple changes to diet, sleep habits, and alignment / movement patterns – that makes the herbs much more effective! (But don’t worry, our number one remedy will work even if you can’t convince your teen to do the whole protocol.)

Mentioned in this podcast:

  • Mega-Mag, our favorite magnesium supplement
  • Concentrace,a multimineral supplement from the same producer
  • Daylio, a mood/health-tracking app we’ve been playing with lately
  • Clue, a menstrual cycle tracker app

Herbs discussed include marshmallow, tulsi, betony, goldenrod, linden, hawthorn, and peppermint.

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