Podcast 079: Motherwort for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s day can mean different things for different people, but whatever your situation is, Motherwort can be a supportive friend. Physiologically its effects are to soothe and relax the heart and arteries, but this crosses over into mental and emotional effects too. Those are what we find most interesting in connection between the herb and its namesake.

Motherwort helps you establish and defend your boundaries and needs, gently but firmly. That’s important for a mother, because so often those boundaries get loosened or blurred between mother and child. Boundaries also change as kids grow, and sometimes the readjustment is difficult. Motherwort can help there, too! (If that’s feeling relevant to you, you may also be interested in our previous episode about Emotional Support for Mothers & Teens.)

This lion-hearted little herb also helps you become “bomb-proof” – able to put up a strong front when you may in fact be feeling a bit shaky inside, so that your kids (or other people who depend on you) can be reassured. In that way it’s helpful for anyone who does support or caretaking work, or upon whom others rely. It’s a great ally!

Close-up image of Motherwort, a green herb with white and pink flowers.

The audio in this podcast about Motherwort comes from our Holistic Herbalism Materia Medica course, which is part of the Family Herbalist program. The first step in becoming an herbalist is learning the herbs themselves, and how to make all the kinds of herbal medicines, so that you can take care of yourself and your family, and that’s just what this program provides. You’ll learn about 89+ herbs in their depth & complexity, plus more than two dozen methods of making your own herbal remedies. You’ll be ready to take care of everyone in your family!

And, just to be clear: you don’t have to be a mom, or even to have a biological family, to take the Family Herbalist program. Your “family” is not only made of blood relations, but also of heart bonds, so whether you’re looking to take care of your actual relatives or the family of your heart, you’re welcome in this program!

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