Podcast 082: Common Herbs and Cancer

Cancer is not as rare as we once thought. Recent research has discovered that even healthy cells can contain potentially cancerous mutations, and that this is a normal occurrence in healthy individuals. As holistic herbalists, this conclusion doesn’t actually surprise us much! We’ve long taught that precancerous changes in cells are a normal part of life and that the body has mechanisms to cope with them. When those break down or are overwhelmed, that’s where cancer can come in. And that’s why common herbs and cancer aren’t strange bedfellows after all, too!

Working with cancer doesn’t have to mean finding the “strongest”, most exotic herbs or medicinal preparations. Sometimes it means calling on the fundamental nutritive, circulating, and supportive functions of our “everyday” plants. In this podcast, we’ll explain why this is the case, and share a few examples of some underappreciated herbs to consider when cancer’s a part of the story.

Herbs discussed include parsley, rosemary, eleuthero, astragalus, codonopsis, nettle, ashwagandha, & elecampane.

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rosemary & lavender

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