Podcast 083: Our Wedding Herbs

If you’re an herbalist and you marry an herbalist, well, you’re going to need some special wedding herbs! We sure did. We loved the idea (and the herbs themselves) so much, we got them tattooed on us right after our honeymoon!

Not all herbalism is about what you drink & “take”! In this episode we’re sharing our most personal experiences and feelings with these herbs which we carry with us everywhere, inked into our arms. Our wedding herbs help us stay balanced, focused, grounded, resilient, flexible… and so much more.

We also have some quick tips for herbal tattoo care!

Herbs discussed include: tulsi, sage, betony, yarrow, elder, pine, bladderwrack, & marshmallow.

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Our theme music is “Wings” by Nicolai Heidlas.

A photo of Katja & Ryn's arms with wedding tattoos displayed.

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