Podcast 084: Herbal Smoking Blends & Herbs To Quit Smoking

An herbal smoking blend may not sound like your cup of tea – and it isn’t! – but it’s still an effective method of working with medicinal plants. When smoked, herbs have rapid effects on the lungs and the central nervous system, including antimicrobial, astringent, relaxant, and nervine or anxiety-reducing activities. This traditional practice is still relevant today.

But of course, some people need help to quit smoking, not reasons to start! And herbs can help here as well, by reducing cravings and addressing the original reasons one started smoking in the first place. They can also help one cut down on smoking tobacco or cannabis by enhancing the desirable effects of those plants and reducing their undesirable ones.

In this episode we’ll talk about all these aspects of smoking, share some of our favorite plants to include in herbal smoking mixtures, and guide you through some practical considerations when trying this on your own.

Herbs discussed include: mullein, lobelia, skullcap, evening primrose, vanilla, uva ursi, tobacco, cannabis, pedicularis, catnip, damiana, tulsi, mugwort, bittergrass.

Mentioned in this episode:

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