Podcast 097: Everything Will Be Fine: A Simple Herbal Stress Remedy

Everyone gets stressed out sometimes. So if you’re among “everyone”, you might like this herbal stress remedy formula! It’s one of our favorites and we turn to it again and again.

Like all our formulas, this one can be customized to meet your own needs & personal taste. In this episode we describe what each herb is doing to contribute to the overall impact of the blend, so that you can choose the herbs that are most relevant to your own situation. Whether stress shows up for you as agitation, fear, or feeling stuck; whether it comes with headaches, digestive upsets, or a short temper . . . these herbs can help everything be fine again.

Herbs discussed include betony, tulsi, linden, rose, elder, st john’s wort, goldenrod, sage, chamomile, catnip, hawthorn, skullcap, lavender, vervain, & boneset.

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Our theme music is “Wings” by Nicolai Heidlas.


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