Podcast 098: Holistic Strategies & Herbs for Joint Pain

Yes, there are herbs for joint pain, and they really work! But when we’re working with this problem, we like to pile on – lots of herbs (in lots of ways), plus some changes to the diet, plus gentle movement, plus better sleep & stres management. This is what holistic herbalism looks like: combining strategies for maximum effect.

For joint pain, herbs can help very directly. Decoctions and liniments help us work from the inside out and the outside in – and they work best when you do both. At the same time, you can eliminate pro-inflammatory foods and emphasize anti-inflammatory ones. You can move in ways that build your range of pain-free motion without directly aggravating the sore spots. And you can sleep more and stress less, which may not sound like they’re directly related to joint issues – but they really are.

Whether it’s from a sports mishap, a repetitive stress injury, Lyme disease*, rheumatoid arthritis, or some other source, these strategies & herbs for joint pain have brought enormous relief to our students and clients – and us, too! – through many years of practice. Listen in and learn how!

Herbs discussed include solomon’s seal, st john’s wort, alder, cayenne, lobelia, goldenrod, kava, skullcap, birch, willow, meadowsweet, self-heal, licorice, kelp, turmeric, cat’s claw, & chamomile.

Mentioned in this episode:

* That’s right, joint pain associated with Lyme responds really well to these methods! But if you have Lyme or know someone who does, you know there can be a lot more to it than achy knees and headaches. Our course A Holistic Approach To Lyme Disease lays out our complete plan for building a personalized holistic herbalism protocol for your specific symptoms. It’s comprised of video lessons you can watch at your own pace, and you can ask questions & get feedback from us right inside the course platform. Check it out and start taking control of Lyme today!

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